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  1. I don’t blame you about being skeptical, but I do think he’s been with 20 women. He was in a relationship for 4 years all throughout high school and then when they broke up he went through a “phase” I guess you could say. He told me he would go out every weekend and sleep with random girls and also hookup with girls he already knew and were friends with. When he first told me he was ashamed and embarrassed to even admit he had slept with that many girls so that’s why I honestly believe him. But also, thank you for your advice. I definitely think I’m really emotional right now I probably need to stop overthinking so much.

  2. But some men just don’t know.. trying to see how one guides a guy who doesn’t know without possibly embarrassing them as well.

  3. I was recently told that Foreplay is any play you could potentially get off on. Soft play is the lead up to that. Suggest you have sex with penetration. You both get each other off without having 'sex'. Go from there. If he's not interested, he's given his answer on his value of your well being.

  4. Please do not mutilate yourself for someone else. It might be that you aren’t compatible. I’m sorry this is happening but please don’t alter your body when it could be a hundred other things.

  5. Do NOT end it with this guy over this accident. Shit happens, rama rama! Forgive yourself, for you are not at fault. Also, he sounds pretty dadgum cool, and if you drop him over this, then later, you might feel like a fool. The guys that care are plentiful but rare, like the air in the heights of Mount Everest, up there. Seriously, it's not the end of the world. Go forth and be with him fearlessly, for he seems to love you, and that's what really matters.

  6. You are having real orgasms, the clitoris is a huge organ and it makes you orgasm. Its very common to not orgasm from penetration. I am a man and i dont enjoy penetration, too. For males, its very similar. Its very hard to orgasm just by stimulation of the penis shaft, it needs stimulation of the penis head. I think the best solution is to focus on clit stimulation and dont do penetration. Its not that important.


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