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  1. I'm not sure the study i looked at went that in depth unfortunately. Interesting you jumped to women they know though when the study showed women were more likely to think about someone else lol

  2. Maybe maybe not.. My (M) experience in the past is that I had to push my midsection up to get my pubic bones to rub their clit to make them cum. So was some effort on my part too. Whereas if I didn't put any effort, Most of them couldn't finish

  3. Your just a bit sensitive that’s ok. Also the next time that happens don’t stop your not going to pee your going to squirt just relax and let it happen you’ll thank me.

  4. I mean as a guy… we always see comments that size doesn't matter.. and we believe it just as much as women believe that tit size doesn't matter. apparently..

  5. The answer is simple, communicate with your partner. Ask her how it feels for her and what's good about it. My guess would be it's twofold. One that yes, it does feel good and she is letting you know but also a little vocal encouragement is generally a sexy thing for your partner.

  6. I like being choked and spanked during sex, and I always reassure my boyfriend I’m okay with it and he’s not hurting me but sometimes he just doesn’t want too. So, he compensates by doing other things and we still have amazing sex. If you aren’t comfortable with it, have that conversation.

  7. Be super direct with him…he’ll appreciate it. Tell him that things have felt weird between you. Tell him that you hate that the videos were sent to him, but that’s just part of your past and not your present. Tell him that the sex you two have is the best you’ve ever had…truly. Tell him fuck that guy and that you choose him. If the relationship is worth it, take the chance to tell him EXACTLY how you feel. Good luck.

  8. Depends on what I'm looking for, and where/how we met. If he's really awesome out of bed, and I want to see him out of bed again, then probably. Same if he's someone I'm likely to come across again in my real life, since it would be pretty awkward otherwise. But anonymous/dating app? Not wanting to drown in the sound of his voice for hours at a time? Then nah, not worth it.

  9. That’s quite inaccurate, you would need to calculate the volume of a cylinder by doing the square radius of your penis times Pi times the height.

  10. Playing with an an enthusiastic woman with limitations is fine. Playing with a woman who seems uninterested or bored or even hoping to just get it over with is worse than not doing it at all.

  11. Terrible idea. Yin and Yang works a lot better in the long run. You both have to compromise, sometimes you get your way, sometimes she does


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