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  1. Currently, my family doctor is on vacation, and i can't wait a month for him to go back because of the relationship crisis

  2. That is really disturbing. You should leave him ASAP. He's manipulating you, accusing you of SA when he's really the one assaulting you! How about all the other times? This is not healthy at all! I hope you see that

  3. Also illegal in some places. Some U.S. states have “dual consent” laws when it comes to recording video or audio.

  4. Thank you for your submission to /r/sex. Your post was removed because it appears to be a post seeking a partner for explicit chat or hooking up. These posts are not allowed. If your post was not actually a “personals” post, then feel free to message the moderators and ask that your post be restored. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  5. How did this come up? Did you ask her? It’s completely possible to be compatible in one area with someone but have nothing else is common. She’s told you that she sees you as the whole package, so you can either trust that or let your insecurities get in the way. It sounds like you’re fully aware of your commitment issues, do you really view her sexual compatibility with a previous person as a total dealbreaker?

  6. My ex husband would tell me that sex with me was a chore, and that it was just easier to rub one out than to put the effort into me. But then he’d get super upset when he caught me touching myself, as if I was wrong for having needs. Hence why he’s an ex husband. Males these days just aren’t it.

  7. how do I bring up to my bf that I just want to be able to finally cum? Because to be honest, it gets frustrating when he falls asleep after cuddling, and I’m still awake and hella horny. “I'd like us to work on me orgasming during sex. I think it would help if we tried XYZ” I’d ask him about using a vibrator on me, but I don’t want to become vibrator dependent. As if recently, that’s been the only way I’m able to (and it’s after my bf goes home and I’m by myself) This is a common anxiety, which I think is unnecessary. I wouldn't worry about becoming dependent, sex is about doing whatever makes you feel good. If that means a vibrator, then that's a good thing. I still really enjoy everything we do. When we have actual intercourse it feels amazing, but I just don’t actually cum. I know that not many women can orgasm through just penetration, but if there is someone who can, are there any tips you can share? What does the buildup feel like, etc…? My biggest tip would be to first try to achieve it on your own, without your partner. It may take time and patience. Using a dildo or vibrator may help a lot. For me personally, shallow stimulation is more effective, i.e. not penetrative sex with an entire toy, but more shallow penetration of about an inch or so, with pressure on the upper vaginal wall. However, this is just me, so experimentation is key. It should be noted that if you're having a hard time/taking a while cumming from clitoral stimulation during sex, replacing it with vaginal stimulation is not likely to make things easier or quicker. Climaxing that way usually takes more patience from you and your partner, not less. With a partner, you need to usually work on finding a good angle that will put the required pressure for you to get stimulation, and then you need to be able to sustain that for a while. is this a red flag? It just feels like the only priority is him cumming. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that I haven’t been able to orgasm with him, and he could definitely put in more effort. I just don’t know how to bring it up. If you feel he doesn't care about your pleasure, that could be concerning, yes. From what you're describing, however, it sounds like he is trying to do things to please you, but it's not fully working. He may just not understand that you need longer stimulation, or not know what he is doing wrong. I'd try talking to him about it and seeing how he responds.

  8. Second this on talking about pregnancy plans beforehand. I had an unintended pregnancy with a partner and we both knew we didn't want kids, so it was easier to weather the storm on the same team. Also pregnancy hormones do fuck shit with your brain even very early in pregnancy (1-2 weeks) so having a solid stance you thought deeply on can help you both not make an instinct driven decision that will suddenly not match your instincts once the hormones normalize.

  9. Yes the history is rooted in ownership and property…still all my girlfriends and the women I’ve known have changed their last names to his happily. I don’t mind belonging to him as long as he knows he belongs to me 😉. To each their own. I was only insinuating that men are wired this way by demonstrating an example. If you don’t like a man to say that to you or you refuse to take his last name…by all means, that is your choice. No harm done.


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