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  1. you are in that age where you are going to feel this way; being single can make it worse. Having a partner, a good routine, and exercising can help.

  2. Reasonably, yes. However there are some bitches out there who absolutely need to know that they failed in raising anything other than a self-absorbed scumbag. Perspective: Your son thinks itโ€™s acceptable to go blabbering to complete strangers about their ex-partners sexual habits and body type. Youโ€™re not frustrated with him about the lack of human decency and respect? What happened to donโ€™t kiss and tell, like fuck sakes guys. Heโ€™s not talking about her hobby. Heโ€™s talking about her sex. Something women are still condemned for.

  3. Most people are saying you canโ€™t talk about thisโ€ฆ so letโ€™s start talking: what size is his penis? Iโ€™ve been with great lovers from 4โ€-10โ€ and what they all had in common was creativity, attentiveness, experience and skill. I was as happy with a little as a lot. And one lover is just so amazing with his mouth and hands that I feel thoroughly satisfied even though I used to think only PIV was my favorite way to come, plus he has a great size, he just loves variety. Iโ€™m thinking maybe variety, skill, enthusiastic experimentation with new stuff might be great and satisfying. My husband and I try new things all the time, some we laugh at and never do again, some are hilarious and difficult and we do it on rare occasion. Ongoing sexual self discovery is a wonderful journey you can share โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ”ฅ

  4. Maybe a one off isn't really an issue but if he is doing this to you all the time then he needs to get his shit together. If a man is constantly turning you down to play games and use porn he probably has some underlying issues or something is going wrong in your relationship. My boyfriend had zero interest in having sex with me for several months after I had just moved in with him, I was dropping all the hints and throwing my naked body at him, etc etc, nothing. It turns out he would rather be looking at porn 5x a day and masturbating at work and in the bathroom. I was about to walk and we came to the agreement I will stay if he gets his porn addiction under control. You need to communicate with him how finding him jerking off has made you feel, and ask him why he chose jerking over sex with you. Hopefully he is honest, and if there are any issues you two can sort it out. If this becomes an ongoing thing then decide how much of yourself you want to invest in this relationship, if he doesn't meet you in the middle then maybe reconsider your relationship, otherwise resentment will build up and it will end anyway.

  5. Missionary, but you hold her by the ankles and bend her legs so her knees are going towards her chest / ankles to shoulders

  6. Not the same as the clit being touched no, it was throbbing after so very close to that feeling, except I had a Clitoral orgasm straight after, I didn't need any time in between, it wasn't too sensitive to touch and it made that one stronger too.

  7. Out of the 15 years I've been sleeping with my husband I'd say 6 of them I was on birth control and 1 year of trying to get pregnant/being pregnant so 8 years of condoms. I don't like being on birth control so won't try again. We will keep using condoms until we make a decision not to have any more children then he will have a vasectomy. Neither of us particularly like them but they are a necessity so we just deal with it.

  8. Age is literally more than just a number but whatever, thanks for copying the worst part of pedo rhetoric. (NOT saying that you are one, but you literally just did that) You legit said that he lied about his age in the first place, because he knew that he wouldn't have gotten laid otherwise (at least by this young woman). He was butthurt that no one (that young) wanted to sleep with him so he just decided to tell a super random lie. A lie thats justified in your eyes (apparently). But even then the main problem regardless of this specific context is: He just demonstrated that he is willing to blatantly lie about the most basic things. Even if she was ok with sleeping with someone twice her age, that is an unreasonable breach of trust and I personally would NOT be able to trust him in terms of protection, STIs, him not being in a monogamous relationship, … It is 100% ok and nice and good if age doesnt matter to you (in that scope at least). But I also think that you would hate someone lying to you before you even met. And on that note, thanks for presuming that I don't understand being pan or other things matching that describtion. Amazingly I do have quite the understanding of this very different and valid concept. A nice weekend to you as well

  9. I will talk about the rocking of his world more that the confidence. If you can put quite a show for him surely your confidence should be puckered up. While having it many men like to have sex with women who actively participate. Actively participating just means meeting his thrusts with your own thrusts, grinding your hips, and flexing your PC muscles (the muscles that stretch from your pubic bone to the tail bone. These are all things you can do from whatever position youโ€™re currently in. You can also use your hands to squeeze your man's arms and pull his body closer to yours, or use your lips to explore more of his bodyโ€”all these moves will let him know youโ€™re loving the action.

  10. When I was just out of high school I had shared details with a couple mutual friends and word got back to my girlfriend what was said and she blew up and broke up with me over it. She was the second person I had slept with and the last partner I talked to friends about having sex with. I knew girls talked about stuff among themselves but assumed they were more discreet than op has stated. The more you knowโ€ฆ

  11. roast chicken position ๐Ÿ˜‚ In any case: “interactive” can be things like using your hands to touch him (does he like nipple play?), being more vocal, using other kinds of body language (facial expressions are hot a.f.) to communicate your enjoyment and enthusiasm.

  12. I will not pretend to know the solution for your issues. But since the title of your post is ” How to get over shame” I will post few related links: Result of Abstinence-only sex education Overcoming sexual Shame

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