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  1. a minute? i couldn't sit down for 2 days lmao, he made me sit on his lap cuz that was softer than chairs haha

  2. Therapy. And more therapy. Repressing guilt over something that is perfectly normal and isn't wrong or immoral (despite what some folks believe) isn't healthy over the long term. You need to talk to someone who can help you through this. Unfortunately that's above Reddit's paygrade. I genuinely hope you find the assistance with this that you need. Sex should be celebrated and is nothing to be ashamed of. I do wish you the best.

  3. One of my past partners (f) clenched her muscles so hard while orgasm that she got sore legs for days after. Maybe your body is doing the same, in a different way, and after that big clenching it suddenly relaxes as the hormones flood your brain so you're passing out? I've heard the same can happen to groupies when they see their starlets, growing excitement, stress, muscle clenching and when they see their idol the whole body relaxed within a second and they pass out.

  4. The frenulum, the bottom of the tip where the glans meet (the v). It’s amazing how many people don’t know that this is essentially our clit.

  5. You seem to think there are… that's why you're suspecting. But the reality is that bisexuality is a pretty diverse phenomenon…

  6. Damn guess I'm extraordinarily good looking then, but I highly doubt it because I just make people laugh. I've been in many lovely situations with a girlfriend and other girls.

  7. Delay the wedding until the situation is resolved. When my wife went back to college she was stressed & our relationship took a nosedive for a few months. When she got back into the routine of studying & keeping her class work up, things Improved dramatically. We discussed things regularly & the nice thing for me was, she read an article about how sex can improve stress levels she would comment on her street level & ask me to help her relax. I learned how to use slow, intimate sex to relax her & damn did that make a difference!

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  9. 1) you have to enjoy doing it. If you love doing it then you aren't going to have a problem being down there. You won't look at it as a chore or an obligation. 2) Enjoy the person you are doing it to. Because her pleasure will turn you on. And that will make you want to be better at it. 3)Pay attention to her ques. Her body will show you what she likes. 4) concentrate on the clit. Try to master the flick and suck. It helps if you know how to roll your “r's” like in Speaking Spanish.

  10. Wait, when you get an IUD you don’t get periods anymore and it’s reversible in the event you want kids ?

  11. I’m really not a fan of bj’s because once I finish from them, I will not get as hard again and the sex will be less than pleasurable for both parties. Plus, finishing with sex feels a lot better. He could also have a low sex drive. Best thing is to just communicate your concerns with him and go from there. -22m

  12. I have 2 friends that have had beautiful jobs done and they went under the rib cage, so they look fairly natural. Both of them lost a lot of nipple sensitivity though, so that part frustrates them. They look amazing though!

  13. That reminds me my kid read a Gavity Falls books and pronounced Dipper and Mabel's last names as PeeNes I worry about that kid.


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