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  1. Before I see the edit and what it is I would say that… its good to understand that you are an adult and operating in a consentual way. We can not control the thouhts we have, but we can control our actions. We can therefore take a moment and determine if the idea is something we can do with minimal risk, and enthusiastic consent with our partners. If so, what is the problem? Yes the idea may be taboo or odd… but does it matter? If you like it and you are engaging in a consentual activity then why be ashamed? Shame usually comes from a misalignment of expectations and reality. You expect X, but you feel Y… and that is uncomfortable. But is your premise about X correct? Maybe your expectations are noy quite right, and as a mature adult you can reevaluate and discover the expectations should be different – and that can resolve the misalignment.

  2. When I was a child I masturbated prone. In adolescence I switched, probably to contain the flood, but I don’t actually remember the reason. Anyway I’m about the most gentle, careful, considerate partner ever, but I have no idea if that’s related. If you want to be degraded or slapped or hit, I’m definitely the wrong guy, quite the opposite.

  3. This has NOTHING to do with you. He’s an asshole. All vaginas are differently shaped internally, nothing wrong with that. No amount of dick will stretch you out. No man who thinks like this can answer the question “why is someone supposedly looser after dating multiple people but not looser after having sex with one person an equal amount of times?” Because there’s no difference. Your vagina self lubricates and “loosens” when you’re aroused. Putting you down while saying his ex is tighter is firstly, horrible, and secondly, just tells me she probably wasn’t very aroused. You don’t deserve this. There’s nothing to make up for. There’s nothing wrong with your vagina. You’ve been dating only two months, cut your losses now I beg you.

  4. I think a lot of people go along with it because that's their only option U can't change who you're attracted to. Try not to feel bad because u genuinely have your heart in the right place and it's absolutely right that u not wrap someone that u aren't attracted to into thinking it will work or risk hurting them

  5. Discuss it with your partner first. I think you should be exploring what arouses you so you’ll enjoy sex. But you need to have a partner who is also interested in exploring these interests with you and has agreed to it ahead of time.

  6. |||| I don't know BUT IS PEGGING GAY? Re: ALLCAPS You wrote that as if it's a bad thing to be gay. Which is worth a million down votes right there. But ti helpp you out, being gay means your sexually or romantically attracted to a member of the same gender. And since you said it was a girl who pegged your friend, I can maybe assume she doesn't identify as a male. So you're ok. You can change to lowercase when referring to “gay”. Neither being gay nor pegging are bad things.

  7. Is it, though? I've never felt that casual sex was inherently unfulfilling. And I've seen many casual sexual relationships end/part without any hurt feelings for either party involved.

  8. Men here. I'm really open about sex talk with my close female friends, it's pretty interesting to find out and understand their likes and dislikes, wishes and fantasies. I used to think I knew exactly what women really like but I boy I was wrong. On the otherside, among men, we don't talk about out sex life, because unintentionally stories, thoughts and images get us stimulated and you don't want your friend to get a bonner thinking about your girlfriend or significant other, you don't want him to fantasize with her at all fuck that.

  9. Incorporate something she likes into foot worship. For example, I love been taken care of so I have my foot submissive exfoliate my feet in a bathtub after he licks my feet

  10. There is honestly no way around it unless you cut them. The last thing a girl wants is for your fingernails to cut her inside. You may need to cut the fingernails on your other hand, or at least the 2 you use for fingering. Otherwise you may just need to get good with your mouth, or play with her pussy from the outside, rub it, play with her bean

  11. You can do that in many positions. Some won't allow you to gring against her clit, like doggy, but will allow finger access. Personally I (38f) love when a guy goes all the way in and doesn't pull fully out as he pounds me

  12. You’re taking it too literally. The both serve the same biological function (hence why I said overlapping needs), but the psychological fulfillment differs, or at least CAN differ. Masturbating doesn’t satisfy a need for socialization, connection, etc. Sex doesn’t satisfy the need to be alone and in tune with one’s self.

  13. You don’t know what your sexual preferences are until you actually start having sex so if you don’t have sex before marriage; You may find one or both of you have hard lines you can’t cross. One person could want sex much more than the other person and it’s actually a HIGE part in having a healthy relationship.

  14. yeesh. It would have been better to let the dude down easy at least just break up with him. A break up would less of a scar than “I wanna have sex with other guys” that one might haunt him for a while.

  15. If we only have sex once out of the two days that we are together, she flips her shit. You should leave her over this alone. This is abusive behavior, she is being abusive.

  16. Cheating in general is common. And cheaters will claim it’s because of a lack of anal/blowjobs/sex/ and/or that their partners are uptight/boring/not kinky enough/neglectful/overweight/busy with work etc. Cheaters cheat because they’re assholes. Not because they don’t get anal. Just because you also know someone that used the lack of anal excuse doesn’t mean cheating is coming because guys want anal

  17. oh yea absolutely. having sex high is also really epic and can go on forever, partly because it literally takes way longer to finish, but that orgasm is vulcanic

  18. I have been telling him since so long that sex isn’t satisfying and i am shocked at how he isnt trying to do better.. im def gonna stop giving a BJ. He isnt going to agree to a councilor or therapist 🙁

  19. You're turned off and he's turned on. Its very normal, particularly for women who do not get conditioned to stare at mens bodies to be turned on, for someone having sex with someone else who sucks at it and is being selfish, to not be aroused and thus feel no pleasure Its not that you can't feel pleasure, Its that the sex you're having is terrible. Like you said, they're lost in their own pleasure and you are unengaged and bored. The way you make penetration feel more pleasurable is to not fuck a guy unless he shows you personal attention and makes interactions partly about you so that you can have a shot at having someone in bed who actually pays attention to your pleasure. Get aroused BY your partner and their engagement of you and you'll probably find you can cum from penetration alone.

  20. Off-topic kind of: how old are your parents? Mine are boomers. Sex was never discussed. I assume it was expected that I learn about it in school—which we barely did. Also, I don’t understand how you’re not seeing vids on yt or any articles on this. What were you searching or where? I searched “how to clean vagina after sex” on Google and immediately got various articles to read from. Idk if I’m allowed to list any here, but do keep reading/listening and asking questions! While we’re all still learning things about the human body, there are many answers out there!

  21. Yes, it is possible. In my experience, most women can squirt. But it requires most women to be super turned on and super relaxed – my wife usually unlocks it best if she's had a couple of drinks and/or a 420 gummy. And many (most?) women usually require specific g spot stimulation to squirt. It took us literal years to figure out what worked for my wife – the various guides and such would get her close, but seldom (if ever) there.


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