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  1. Ha, this sort of thing gets asked quite often on here and immediately draws the attention of lots of self proclaimed sexual olympians. Read wiki. Normal piv sex for the vast majority of normal guys lasts a small number of minutes unless you start using techniques like edging to extend it. Some women take longer than that to achieve orgasm so considerate guys make sure in foreplay that this is accounted for. If your focus is on an extended sessions then accommodate more foreplay. If it must be piv and your guy agrees, practise edging and maybe buy a desensitising spray…. but don't be over surprised if he periodically loses his erection and you have to do a little work to bring it back.

  2. So Black guy here. Average height and average to athletic build my whole life. Never had a problem getting women. Insecurity and lack of confidence will send women running the other way. Also where are located? What's the ratio of men to women? You may need to shift your environment. I'm in Northern California and was never a problem.

  3. As someone who worked comparable hours, it sucks and drained me. Twice a week on the weekend was where I was at. My partner at the time was understanding and would take care of herself when I couldn't. Though sometimes on random days I'd be horned up and “take her” (we had established how to do this so it was consensual). At times she'd hold off til the weekend and let the tension build and she was like a feral animal. Anyway, toys! Masturbation!

  4. Not kissing at all is generally not a good sign. It probably means this person is fully into the physical act and has no emotions being involved. There’s no general rule and I might be wrong about the reason behind his behavior. Kissing is important during sex, it connects two people on a deeper level. You’ll experience it one day and know the difference as well 🙂

  5. I warned her I was about to cum so she should stop and she just started sucking harder. I came so hard and immediately felt guilty and asked, “What about you?” She looked me dead in my soul, told me she got what she came for, and left me on the couch in a puddle of both our juices.

  6. If your parents make you feel bad for having sex, it's either they are immature themselves or have some education to do imo. Or both.

  7. Oh, lol, I misread that. If you do decide to go for the pulling out technique and your partner hasn't done that in the past, try to come up with a form of play together before you start, where he pulls out long before he feels like cumming. Figuring out if he finishes with oral, fingers, or otherwise before would be a great way to feel more at ease. Then you can just enjoy yourselves. Not to mention, it's a pretty hot activity to do together

  8. As a man. When I get blindfolded. I love when I get teased. Light touching light licks. Just constant slight arousal. Not knowing when the next touch or next thing will happen. Also she usually puts her panties over or in my mouth. Huge turn on. Feels like I can’t breath even tho I can breath just fine. But the smell is what I like. When I can’t see I can smell way better. Also she gets freakier when blindfolded. Touches my ass. Gets weirder lol I like it. Her demons come out when I can’t see.

  9. Spark faded before we were married and we had 10 years of routine, vanilla sex. Not bad sex (we both always came) but nothing exciting and not very often. Life flipped upside down and now we can't stop. Twice a day, everyday so far this year. Often more. I swear we're worse than horny teenagers right now and the spark is very much alive.

  10. No way, I love giving blow jobs and the thought of putting my man’s unit in my mouth turns me on so much 👅

  11. I noticed you didn't answer my last question. It's great that you want to pleasure her, that alone already puts you above many other guys. But sex is a 2 way street and if she only cares about what she wants that might be a sign that she's not right for you. This situation is already putting a lot of stress on you and making you doubt your skills and connection to her. It's only going to build more resentment over time.

  12. Everyone is freaking out over the word consent. It’s crazy The concept of Consent doesn’t go away once you’re married. It is ideal to check with your partner and be sure that they would be into anything new before trying it. Maybe not giving full details. But having a convo to determine whether they would consider this frustrating or a turn on. OP is clearly unsure about her husbands reaction and that’s why she is asking internet strangers. Personally, I KNOW how this would go down in my marriage. I don’t need to ask anyone else. That is based on prior convos I’ve had with my husband. Based on these prior convos, I know what would work in this scenario and what wouldn’t. I know what my husband consents to and what he doesn’t. And IF I was unsure…. I would certainly bring it up and obtain CONSENT that this is something he is open to. AKA “is this something you’d be into at some point”? So as not to ruin the surprise The arguments here are crazy.

  13. Makes sense. Where are the nerves that have been triggered to send pain signals? In the specific muscles of that area. What is the state of the muscles? Tensed. Solution? Release tension.

  14. Could always be worse, when I was living at home my dad walked in on me multiple times with a girl on all fours. One of them was my longtime girlfriend who couldn’t get over it and we had to break up. Lol. I feel like your parents are being a bit prudish. You were young, you were experimenting. You’re clearly going to have sex. At least you’re doing it at home and not somewhere random. I probably wouldn’t tell the girlfriend unless you feel like you need to. I just might make her feel embarrassed to come to your house.

  15. If you're going to take the trip to brown town and not wear a raincoat that's the risk you take. It's literally no big deal.

  16. attachment issues IMHO 100% don't do it. The only people I know who had an overall positive experience with promiscuity were in excellent mental health, very confident in themselves, able to get pleasure from sex even with mediocre lovers, and secure their attachments to parents, family and friends. Everyone else just got traumatized to some degree, some mildly, some very severely.

  17. Im not a female but maybe Ride a pillow. Also you won't smash anyone put you hand on the wall to brace or balance your self

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  19. Just want to say that you shouldn't feel weird about being turned on by two people you're attracted to having sex. Even more so because of the fact that you were close to the action while pretending to still be asleep. Considering that no rules were set and it was something that happened within the timeframe of the night's events it's hard to pass judgement on anyone here. I think this is just something to dive in a bit deeper on with your boyfriend and friend if you find it necessary. It certainly sounds like you no topic is weird to discuss with them as it is so just discuss it with an open mind

  20. I would say find a friend who is willing to “help you out.” It doesn’t have to be either of the two you mentioned above. Someone who you are comfortable with but not super close to. Although #2 might work if you clearly stated to him you are not interested in pursuing a relationship.

  21. No offense, but a grown man should be able to take constructive criticism and feedback in a positive manner. No one likes to hear that they are not living up to expectations. But you should be able to have a conversation about it and learn from it and carry it forward for everyone's benefit. You would think the fact that a husband should want to please their wife, would trump any of this. All that said, many people simply don't want to admit these things to themselves. And, often times a “smack” of reality is what is needed for them to comprehend that this is a serious and needed conversation. If no action is being taken on his part, couples therapy might be the best course. Resentfulness is the path to bad places…

  22. I fucking know, right? The people downvoting her for simply EXPLAINING the complexities of her situation really blow my mind. It's people like y'all that are responsible for the Reddit hivemind stereotype.

  23. My last girlfriend, after we had sex the first times (and it was damn good),I told her I had one good shot a week. I might could do 2, but one good shot. Communicate it. Once it matters. But also hold back, try to offer what you will continue to offer