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  2. I would be very hurt if they'd told me this, obviously. Probably overreactive too. I'd probably be very hurt for a long time and almost certainly break off the relationship. Years later I'd probably then look back and go “but we were so happy for so long even after that happened and I never would've been hurt like that if we weren't truly happy together” because if they weren't genuinely happy it wouldn't hurt so much. There's two side to the coin but unfortunately one of them is hindsight, and you know what they say about hindsight (it's 20/20), and the other is the emotions you feel in the moment. You don't know what the future will hold for you but until you get that hindsight you won't know whether you did what you would deem “right”.

  3. Does he know it hurts? Personally, I would never be with someone who would cause me pain for their own pleasure… My partner has rejected me during a time where I was injured, because he knew it would cause me a lot of pain. I was really horny and trying to come onto him but he knew I would regret it afterwards when I was crying in pain lmao (Hes a big pleaser tho and still helped me cum without moving my body at all) Why would your husband enjoy something that hurts you so much? If he doesn't know then that's a bit different, but if it's really painful I'm sure he can tell somewhat…

  4. This topic is discussed regularly in our forum. If you search past r/sex posts with some diligence (following Forum Rule #3), you’ll find a number of helpful discussions. Comments locked. The r/sex forum's HUGE archive of past posts is a tremendous resource for people who have all kinds of common questions regarding sexual activity. Searching those posts for relevant discussions will definitely help you here.

  5. Oh goodness 🫣 I’ll make sure to check out that link, it seems good to get ideas for all my other kinks. I do enjoy the rp


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