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6 thoughts on “ScarletJhonnnaked live sex chat

  1. I don't think it can be selfish if you cum during anything. It's not like you use your partner to get you off and leave him hanging. Just keep going how you like it, if your partner has a problem he will complain or in the wirst case post here

  2. The marriage (probably) cannot work then. 1). That is super infrequent. Almost definitely isn’t enough for you. & 2). It’s not fun for her so it won’t be fun for you. You deserve a partner who actually desires a sex life with you. It’s out there. Trust me! 🙂

  3. Not sure why you felt the need to share it with people. Keep your sex habits between you and your sex partners and you might find yourself feeling a lot less judged lmao

  4. What you need (besides working on your own self esteem) is a man that makes you feel like a goddess. Where you never question the authenticity of the magnitude of his attraction and desire for you. A guy that makes you feel sexy and powerful in your femininity. They say confidence is key when it comes to sex. But you’re only as good as your partner makes you feel. He sounds like a chump who doesn’t realize he’s working against himself for the best sex he’s ever had with comments like that. He sounds manipulative and like he’s putting you down so you try to appease him to validate your own self worth by preying on your insecurities in order to keep you from realizing you can do better and seeking it. This goes deeper than sex. A guy that says shit like that to a woman that loves him isn’t worth you crying about yourself. Cause it’s not even about you, hun. It’s about his own insecurities in which he puts you down rather than build himself up. And it won’t just start or stop with this. If you want to be better in bed, then be with a guy who treats you better in your relationship.


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