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  1. I also love hearing men moaning or generally being vocal during sex. I recently gave my bf a bj and i told him afterwards that i love hearing him, he responded that i loved hearing me too and we kind of both agreed to try to be more vocal. You could try just bringing up how much you love hearing him after he makes some noise. I can’t imagine he’s completely silent in every sexual activity.

  2. What my ex would do is latch on to my pussy so he was close enough to my clit. He was able to flick his tongue a little faster that way. Or you can try letting her ride your face.

  3. You’re making a big deal about not much. 1) if you wanna cry… cry. 2) if you lost your virginity to a girl “a couple” of years older than you, that is not grooming? You’re having great sex with some one you love. Well done.

  4. You totally nailed it. I don’t know why I never thought about the bed being the issue. I have a memory foam mattress so it’s super squishy. Maybe I’ll just have to look into a new mattress lol thanks!!

  5. Thank you for your reassurance. She usually get her period during the placebo week, and it ends in 2 or 3 days. Her placebo week ended last Sunday, and we took the pregnancy test on Monday. Is that too early for an accurate pregnancy test? I know the chance is minuscule but I am an over thinker and can get myself anxious over small things like this.


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