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  1. Play stupid games … You need to go get a pregnancy test. They are cheap and easy and way more accurate than reddit.

  2. Sorry i just went through your comment section. Seems like you work as a love/sex counselor here on reddit. Sorry if I dared challenge your wisdom, just a little thing: usually people have qualifications to do that, what's yours, beside this judgy aggressivity?

  3. Yes, I’ve been in such a dynamic. And the answer to the question how you could ask for what you want was already answered by yourself: you’re over it. You already asked (very likely more than a couple times) for what you want. And nothing’s changed. That’s because it will never change. You have a high(er) libido and your partner doesn’t. He simply does not care as much as you do. And that’s where the problem is lying: he has no (not enough) enthusiasm – at least with what you expect to get out of a relationship. He’s right in wanting to take things as he sees fit in a relationship and you’re right with wanting that for yourself, too. Bringing these two expectations to a working relationship is the goal, which you guys can’t seem to achieve. You have to decide if the compatibility issue is a dealbreaker for you.

  4. Personally I give feedback. I try and do it in a seductive type way. Also massage the scalp. Sometimes Shoulders. Sometimes I just sit back and chill if we've been together for a little minute.

  5. This is the reason. The vagina – the hole and inside is self cleaning and shoud never be washed with soap or water. The vulva – the labia, clit, pubic bone etc are just like any other folds not self cleaning! She needs to clean her vulva with unscented soap and water when she showers, and if she doesn't know how she needs to look it up.

  6. I don't know if this is the right advice but I find reading erotica stories or books helps people get into the mood. Fires up the imagination and detracts from thinking of everything else in life. It also has the perk of being less detrimental than porn.


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