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  1. Play stupid games … You need to go get a pregnancy test. They are cheap and easy and way more accurate than reddit.

  2. Sorry i just went through your comment section. Seems like you work as a love/sex counselor here on reddit. Sorry if I dared challenge your wisdom, just a little thing: usually people have qualifications to do that, what's yours, beside this judgy aggressivity?

  3. Yes, I’ve been in such a dynamic. And the answer to the question how you could ask for what you want was already answered by yourself: you’re over it. You already asked (very likely more than a couple times) for what you want. And nothing’s changed. That’s because it will never change. You have a high(er) libido and your partner doesn’t. He simply does not care as much as you do. And that’s where the problem is lying: he has no (not enough) enthusiasm – at least with what you expect to get out of a relationship. He’s right in wanting to take things as he sees fit in a relationship and you’re right with wanting that for yourself, too. Bringing these two expectations to a working relationship is the goal, which you guys can’t seem to achieve. You have to decide if the compatibility issue is a dealbreaker for you.

  4. Personally I give feedback. I try and do it in a seductive type way. Also massage the scalp. Sometimes Shoulders. Sometimes I just sit back and chill if we've been together for a little minute.

  5. This is the reason. The vagina – the hole and inside is self cleaning and shoud never be washed with soap or water. The vulva – the labia, clit, pubic bone etc are just like any other folds not self cleaning! She needs to clean her vulva with unscented soap and water when she showers, and if she doesn't know how she needs to look it up.

  6. I don't know if this is the right advice but I find reading erotica stories or books helps people get into the mood. Fires up the imagination and detracts from thinking of everything else in life. It also has the perk of being less detrimental than porn.

  7. If speaking is too hard, have you thought of writing to them instead? Text messages can make it easier to say the hard things. The only way to know if you are sexually compatible is to find out. Let him or her know what you want and need from them. Your partner may have no idea. Don’t be scared, this person is with you for a reason and chooses you every day. Remind yourself of your importance xxx

  8. As a female, she sounds pretty crazy and immature. Like breaking up over a sex toy?! Lol I also don’t see a single thing wrong with your response about the rose vibrator. I totally got what you meant because when a girl uses her vibrator too much it does become a crux- you become desensitized and usually the vibrator is the only thing at that point that will make me cum no matter how much I’m enjoying a guy. Honestly, consider yourself lucky she broke up with you.

  9. Yeah.. my point is even the “ph balanced” soaps are inappropriate for women that are sensitive down there.

  10. i’ve noticed that when he used a vibrator on me it kinda distracts me from the gag reflex and i seem to take him deeper in my mouth. maybe talk to him about using one?? also people say to breathe through your nose, idk. me holding my breath helps more. it’s all about experimenting. also if you just suck on the tip and use the hand to basically jerk him off my boyfriend likes it just as much. maybe try that? try to relax and just not think about it too much. don’t let him just shove it in your mouth either, take it all on your own time. i found that helps me more too

  11. It's fine by me. Life is limited, enjoy the experiences you find interesting! How much cultures and individuals care about number counts varies with how uptight (or not) they are about sex. There are parts of the world where 40 isn't that unusual. Some people really like trying out new sexual experiences and have numbers in the hundreds! I think of it as “how many quests have you gone on?” The higher the number, the more adventures you've been on!

  12. You missed the point. He will be called daddy because she got pregnant from him not weraring a condom. Thus he is a daddy

  13. I know! I have a friend where we played a lot. I trust her entirely (my partner doesn't know her) and if it was just a “normal” thing I would ask her. But the fact that is a kink automatically makes me unsure and afraid of her reaction. Rationally I know that even if it is a no, it would be just that. But really nobody beside my partner knows about this kink and the abf one. Probably if we ever find someone this person would see this

  14. Honestly, I would not mention the number to them. If you haven't slept with the girl, then it really is none of their business. Yes, you will probably cum fast. Just make sure the girl cares about you first. Sounds like these other girls are just in it for the hookup.


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