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  1. Not so sure about that one. Again here we go with women nailing men to the coffin. She was always shy around sex, twenty years ago, this isn't a new thing so it's defo not me. Thanks anyway

  2. If showing him where the C is instead of spending two years frustrated was was too obvious then perhaps that was too.

  3. Read this out loud to my wife just now and we’ve been having problems in that area because of the pain she’s been having. Thank you for this also what’s the exercises you have to do I’ll pass them right along.

  4. Girl leave this man immediately… He’s manipulating you. Forcing his input into this thread proves that. Would he have changed his tune if this community didn’t hang him out to dry on this post? Highly doubt it. He won’t change.

  5. It's totally normal. The only thing you need to do is accept yourself for who you are and stop stressing yourself out. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual and heteromantic.

  6. Classic narcissist and someone who always got their way as a child by having a tantrum. Say no, then let him deal with the consequences of not having you in his life.


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