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Hi guys, I’m new, my lovense lush is on… make my pussy happy and wet I want to make a big squirt! [6 tokens remaining]

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  1. It has to do with the dilation of blood vessels in the brain. I forgot the exact science but they're actually a science. It is my go-to when I have a headache that won't quit. Works most of the time.

  2. Did you seem available to him, or only to yourself? Did he know you were available? Last time I checked, having a cock and balls doesn't make men psychic.

  3. My wife used to enjoy watching the casting couch. Which surprised me since it’s just scripted manipulation porn but it doesn’t mean she wants to be tricked into having sex to get a porn gig. I enjoy mmf and wife sharing porn but I have no desire to share my wife. I wouldn’t think too much into it.

  4. Nitric oxide levels impact your ability to have and maintain erections, so you could try taking supplemental L-arginine to boost NO production.

  5. This. For example, doggy style with a woman with a nice butt. Having a nice butt doesn't physiologically make sex feel better. Because it's nothing but a bunch of fat cells that do not even touch your penis. But the psychological aspect of being attracted to that makes your brain enjoy it more.


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