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Hi guys, I’m new, my lovense lush is on… make my pussy happy and wet I want to make a big squirt! [75 tokens remaining]

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  1. How does he initiate with you? That is sometimes a clue to what your partner likes and you could potentially mirror that. Some additional thoughts: – Given him a massage and eventually tease his junk. – Small little thing but if you walk up behind him and hug with one arm and slide your other hand in his pocket and rummage around, that is so hot. – if is he into you being more submissive, take your pants off and just bend over the coffee table or something, he will get the hint. – Morning stuff, nothing better that waking hard and having someone horny next to me.

  2. I think I understand his position. I do not have a micro penis, but I do have erectile dysfunction. There is no pill for a micro penis. If he has trouble in the bedroom because of it, it could potentially make him feel like a failure of a man. It's not true, but I understand his desire to just be regular and have what everyone else takes for granted every day. So if he can convince a few people on reddit that he's making it work out, then maybe it makes him feels a little bit better for a while. It isn't something really to be mad at him or make fun of him about, because it is a struggle you can't experience. You can't know it or begin to understand it. It is something that he may need therapy for.

  3. generally, women are fertile a maximum of only 2 days a month, and sperm just survives 3 days in there at max, so that leaves us with a fertility window of 5 days out of a 29 day cicle. Theres many people who can easily track that and make sex accordingly

  4. Omg I've tried but I'm too embarrassed to do it while being on top- this is another huge issue of mine haha. I'm trying to be less shy- But these are good tips! I'll definitely do this! Thank you!

  5. I guess I'll have to deal with the fallout when it does happen as it's not something inherently wrong with owning them

  6. This is not correct at all, blue balls is the common term for the medical condition epididymal hypertension. Which is pain in the testicals after extended period of arousal. It has nothing to do with frustration.

  7. Yes it can feel sometimes like its loose give it 2 days nothing going inside u ,should be back to normal on the 3rs day good luck

  8. For me personally I couldn't be with someone who didn't shave. But I know from my own experience if I trim down to 5mm the hairs don't Ingrow because there already out of the skin.

  9. Last 10 seconds, the way he prepares to release all of his cum in my throat, the face he makes, the shallow breaths and all, its just so addicting to see and feel him enjoying himself so much, really nothing else is better

  10. Would you have said no or were you also curious to try that? If you would have said no, you need to stick with that.


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