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  1. That’s ok. Get a pregnancy test if you think you may be pregnant but most will only be effective once your period has been missed.

  2. Sorry about that, is there a reason it’s getting removed just so I can avoid any mistakes in the future please? I’m not the one who removed it

  3. It is a very real but bearable thing. It is totally ok if sex doesn’t happen but moves on to other non sexual things and hanging out. If someone is aware of the other’s blue balls but keeps teasing – that’s pretty rude.

  4. When I was in grad school my bf would nag if we didn't have sex. I'd fall asleep bc i was so tired and he'd masturbate loudly next to me in bed and I'd ask if he could go somewhere else. Then he'd toss and turn loudly when I'd come home late from studying late esp during finals week. He'd accused me of cheating. One day he even followed me to school bc he didn't believe i was studying. When I told him i was gonna study abroad he said i was gonna cheat on him and didn't want me to go. I still went. Guess what he did? He cheated on me half way through my summer program. Does any of the sound familiar??

  5. I think the comments saying that she should have said stop are trying to say that it isn’t rape if she didn’t explicitly withdraw consent – not that what happened to her was just fine. We should be able to acknowledge that OP was mistreated (and that she should have said “stop” – speaking up for yourself is an important skill to learn, especially if you’re having casual sex) without thereby saying that what happened to her was “rape.” I think OP’s question (was this rape?) set the comments up for failure. A lot of people are focusing on how what happened to her wasn’t rape rather than validating her feelings and acknowledging that she was mistreated- whereas if she’d just asked, “Was this OK?”, the comments overall I think would be much more helpful.

  6. First off it was a simple question no need to be aggressive, second a simple Google search doesn't do much when you're getting told your tiny. Have a good day.

  7. The real question is when you watch “straight” or heterosexual porn, what turns you on from it? The females pleasure or the mans? Are you watching it and pretending you’re the man in the scenario and feeling what he is feeling? Women (straight or otherwise) picture being the woman in the porn they watch and imagine feeling the pleasure that feel, and most straight porn is just not as good for that. Most hetero porn is made for the male perspective, even a lot of lesbian porn is made for the male perspective believe it or not. If I had to guess I’d say most people, no matter gender or their sexuality, will watch porn that shows pleasure to their own gender.

  8. All the prep advice is right on! My advice for during is if you find vibrators pleasurable to use one while your partner is starting to go in or during. I found that I tend to relax more and it makes it easier, it also makes me cum instantly so that’s a plus too! Good luck on your anal journey! Hope you have fun!

  9. Ok, I’m a feminist and a lesbian. I love and respect my partner. I also enjoy looking at sexy girl accounts on insta. I have noooo desire for my partner to look like them. Truly, not at all. I don’t think your bf is doing anything wrong. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. women dont act like men owe them friendship. Plenty of women get upset when a man expresses feelings for them/doesn’t want to be friends with them. You yourself said “why would we want anything to do with someone who thinks the worst thing that could happen to them is us wanting to be friends?” My point about friendship is about viewing us as equals. As humans. Not as people they could have sex with. But these ideas are not mutually exclusive. You can view women as equals and still prefer to have sex with them/relationships with them as opposed to friendships. Men absolutely have trouble making friends with women – multiple people commented here about how hard it is to be friends with a woman if you find them attractive. Because they want to have sex with them lmao. They don’t want to be friends with them. They want to figure out how to go from friends to more than friends. But men arent seeking advice about friendships OR dating – which is literally what this post is about. This post is titled “Sex advice columns by straight men,” because that’s what’s lacking. A healthy space where straight men can discuss sexual topics. And I’m sorry but most men (and women) need THERAPY not dating/sex advice. This subreddit is proof of that. Almost every single question asked here could have “therapy” as an answer and it wouldnt be wrong. No argument here

  11. Help your bf seduce the other kid's mom, then video tape them banging and threaten to release it. Trust me, this is your best option

  12. Is this really true though. After 35yrs of masturbation experience I find myself looking at the same style content just with different performers. All this degrading stuff is such a turn off and completely unrealistic.

  13. If he lost his erection whilst fingering you, don't worry about that. Some guys need the physical stimulation to stay hard, it doesn't necessarily mean he wasn't turned on. If he goes soft I'd suggest just giving him a helping hand to get going again. Some guys just don't like giving head…not many, but some. I have an ex who didn't ever go down on me and he said its absolutely nothing to do with me, my hygiene, smell or anything but he had had a past experience where he had gone down and this particular person had a taste that turned his stomach and since them he can't bring himself to do it. I'm not saying this is the case with him but sometimes past experiences stick with you.

  14. Planned parenthood isn't a thing in my country. If I'm going to any kind of specialist I'm going to have to pay out of pocket. Logistically I can't leave the house without knowing so this is a whole thing. I just want to know if its something to be concerned about or if its normal.

  15. Planned parenthood isn't a thing in my country. If I'm going to any kind of specialist I'm going to have to pay out of pocket. Logistically I can't leave the house without knowing so this is a whole thing. I just want to know if its something to be concerned about or if its normal.


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