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  1. Oh it’s awesome. From what you said, her wrapping her legs around me. Putting a pillow underneath her ass and me sitting straight up, grabbing hips and pounding away. The bouncing tiddys, pinning hands down, or just straight up tying her down, I can stimulate her clit from there. It’s so versatile. It’s only vanilla if you make it that way

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  3. Only you can decide if you like golden showers, the experiences of others aren't going to be super helpful to you here. If you want to try it though, start in the shower so you don't have to go very far if it turns out you don't like it.

  4. I think it is fine if she normally is willing to do it. It is not like you are pressuring some girl you just met that doesn't know you. I mean is she going to have regrets or feel guilty for having done it with her husband??!


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