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  1. The posterior fornix refers to the wall between the rectum and the cervix. There’s no stimulating tissue there, and any pleasure lies in pushing up against the anterior wall. I thought this is where the vagus nerve innervates the vagina?

  2. Just clean your dick right after, make sure you're using lube and starting off slow that will reduce the risk of tears and infection

  3. A bit… Vibration, especially strong vibration, is known to cause desensitization. If you stop using vibrators, the majority of the sensitivity should come back in a couple weeks or months. There are some new toys with a suction system for the clitoris that don’t rely on vibration and that could help you find the best balance for you. Have fun!

  4. Op I would suggest skip him. Right you are nervous and that totally make sense. You try to find guy you like and help you experience fun of sex. Since you seem new to this who ever you find as lucky guy you want to date. You should learn basic skill first before that piv . That is 1. Lots ways of kissing 2. Feel each other body 3. Good skill at hand job for him 4. Sexy communication 5. Letting him rub clit and finger Once done that for a while then you can go to more advance things You start their How that helps

  5. Thank you for your kindness. I think the issue is I slipped out of the moment and couldn't find my way back. Instead of stopping like I normally would have, I just tried to push through and hoped the sex would make me feel sexy again when it had the exact opposite effect. My emotions were very high at the time and all over the place, I'm feeling much better about the situation now… I was just kind of in the shock of not enjoying sex with him, we've always been very compatible in that area. I think I have tbe words to approach him now, though.

  6. We have that rule I'm place for several reasons. Not only do we not want you to offer to do it….we just don't want you to just do it either. Do. Not. Dm. People. Here. We require your conversations to happen in the public space. If you can't respect that, go to another subreddit that allows this.


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