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  1. Start with “I was just sitting here thinking about the time you did xyz (insert something sexy that he or you both did). when can we do that again? “ Wink emoji

  2. By saying I'm doing as much as I'm able, I mean we spend about 6 days/nights a week together at his house, but do not live together yet, so things like me doing his laundry or vacuuming his house don't really make sense (though I have offered!!). But I do the meal planning/grocery shopping/cooking/cleaning the kitchen/packing his meals so he has something to eat when I'm not there to cook. Plus prep or planning for things we're doing together–trips, errands, anything to make his life easier in an area that logically involves me or I can help with. Once we move in together I absolutely plan to handle every chore. But I was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD more than two years ago and still haven't worked hard enough to eliminate all the symptoms. I'm careless and leave empty glasses out or hang a shirt on the bedroom door absently and leave it there for literally a month without noticing. Those were the two specifics my partner gave me recently. With my ex, we lived together and I did every chore but the trash/recycling, but because of the carelessness the things I did imperfectly outweighed what I was doing to the extent that it completed negated my effort–like I wouldn't notice I left crumbs under the gas stove grates after cooking/cleaning up after dinner so he'd be like “you half-assed the job so much I don't know why you bothered”.

  3. There are some great videos on YouTube that show slightly different options that work better for plus size people, practice on a pillow to get the movement down and try to build up stamina try a squat challenge to help build up muscle

  4. There’s a thousand different reasons, none of them having anything to do with you as a person. If you liked him you can give it another shot and see if things get better, or you can just move on

  5. Here are some things to think about: If his exes were so “beautiful” like you say, why isn’t he with them? Shouldn’t he have married them instead if beauty is equal to worth? No. He left them and married you because no matter what you think you look like, he obviously is happy with you. He chose YOU. You guys are married and have obviously been naked enough to do the deed. He KNOWS what you look like. He’s SEEN you. He sees your face and your body and is still wanting to be with you so there really is nothing to hide or feel ashamed about. I struggle a whole lot with body acne that has left pigmented scars all over me. I used to be so embarrassed about it and hid it with my partners but you know what? They all took a look at the marks and decided that it wasn’t a big deal. They still pursued and loved me even with all of my “flaws”. You cannot hide what has already been seen, so own it and practice confidence in that. There are many women who look exactly the way you describe. Does that mean that they are worth any less? If you had a twin, could you go up to them and tell them that they are so disgusting that their partner is actually doing them a FAVOR being with them? Could you do that to ANYONE? If your answer is no, then it’s time to start realizing that we are all human and you are not so physically different from everyone else to be treated so wrongly. Your body has done incredible things for you. Your lungs and heart work 24/7 to give you breath and a beat. Your legs have carried you countless miles to everywhere you have ever been. Your hands and arms allow you to drive, to cook, to bathe yourself, to hold the things you love most, to write this very Reddit post. Your body works tirelessly for you and you decide to treat it like this? To degrade it and tell it it’s not good enough? You are BEAUTIFUL. It is such a beautiful thing to even exist in the first place. One day, we will all be embraced by death and nothing will matter anymore. Do you want to look back and feel joy that you lived your life with confidence and peace, or dread and sorrow?


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