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  1. i felt her all over haha… could be the medication, could be that it’s not enough stimulus. i don’t know. it makes me sad and i feel like i let her down.

  2. Yes, use lube. When you've got some lube, put a bit more lube. That said, lube isn't where this all begins. It begins with making her comfortable with the thought, as well as turned on. Let her know how excited you are and how hot she makes you. Also, there's the whole section of preparation/evacuation. There's a lot of ways. A pharmacy enema bulb is always a solid choice with some warm water ahead of time. However, as the saying goes, if you're walking down a dirt road your shoes might get dirty. That level of adult acknowledgment is important in all this too. As a small aside, to give you perspective. Go into the bathroom or somewhere and use a little lube. Try some rubbing and some finger insertion on yourself. Work up to two or three fingers. Sure it may be not quite what you're thinking about, but it will give enormous insight into what needs to take place. How much gentle play and preparation is always a bit more than you think going into it cold without that info. We have always found that having her using a vibrator around her clit keeps things moving. I'm going to progress much faster here, but just take it slow and assure comfort before the next step. Start with some just general massaging around the outside. Use a little bit of lube. It's very sensitive. Then light fingering. You'd be surprised how little movement is needed for a ton of sensation, sometime just a slight wiggle of the tip of your finger right there is all that's needed for a bit. After working and comfortable with a finger for a while, start fresh with easing two fingers with more lube and repeat. (Alternatively you can use something like Tantus Silk dildos which is what I typically use, They're basically smooth fingers and work well.) Now depending on your penis, you're going to have to judge when you're getting to the point where things are approximately ready. Add more lube. We've found that the easiest for her is to lay on her side in a kind of spooning position, but it's really more like a laying sideways doggy. I recommend having her do the pushing back in the beginning rather than you pushing in since she's in control of the “comfortable rate meter” here. Again, it's all about her feeling sexy, desired, and comfortable. Pushing outwards a bit like you're trying to go to the bathroom I hear helps a bit, but I'd let her take the initial reigns here as to how fast it progresses. After that bit is done with and things are progressing, go slowly and check in with her. Don't be afraid to add more lube. At this point you're pretty much good to go. As to if it's overhyped. Well, perhaps. It was different than what I had it built up in my mind as. It's still fun. The mental aspect is probably the largest aspect that makes it all work. For me it's the intimacy and accepting qualities mixed with a tiny bit of the “naughty” aspect. Good luck!

  3. I've tried talking to him multiple times and he just tells me he's not as horny as he used to be, even though I was told a teenage male is one of the horniest creatures lol I'll try different things like lingerie, I don't often wear it. Thanks for the reply!


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