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DILDO play [Multi Goal]

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  1. There are some reasons why it might not be the best decision. But just to be clear, is it just a woman that you offering that to or one that labels herself with that job description?

  2. Not weird at all, I've had this happen as well. Not every time but if she is moaning, squirmy and really into it 💁🏾‍♂️

  3. That first paragraph is EXACTLY how I feel about it. He and I are both triers. We work through things, we talk them out, and we take steps every day. The reason I’m asking advice here is because I need wisdom that I can’t really ask irl. If I was sure that either of us wasn’t willing to try, or if he “obviously doesn’t care”, I would obviously end things. But that’s not the case. We’ve never had a discussion that ended without a solution. That being said, I think these are great things to try. He has mentioned that he wants to try out aphrodisiacs in the past, so I’m sure I can spark that conversation again.

  4. When I was younger, a girl I was seeing didn’t want to have sex yet but did want to be intimate and one of the first things we did was use her vibrator on her together, her holding it in place while I played with her tits, made out with her and she was stroking me. It was a surprisingly sexy and intimate experience that I would never have suggested or thought would be so great. Seems like your dude is thoughtful and understanding of your situation. No red flags here.

  5. You realise most of the world can legally have sex before 18, right? North America is the exception, not the rule. OP is in South East Asia, where the lowest is 12 and the highest is 16.


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