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  1. That can be hot, but only in case you've discussed the possibility beforehand and you got your partner's consent to you waking her/him up with sex. In case you don't know other person's opinion about this, it can really be considered rape.

  2. After finishing inside I can understand, everything else I can’t. Perhaps I’ve been lucky with the men I’ve been with but they wouldn’t care when or where, some even after finishing inside but that was rare I’ll admit

  3. There's no excuse for cheating. If you aren't happy and aren't working on the relationship, break up. Don't be a dick to her

  4. Depends on how strong your relationship. I had one years ago with a girl I knew but wasn't really friends with. It was awesome and didn't hurt my relationship with my boyfriend but I am not a jealous person generally.

  5. Some women like feeling full sometimes. My wife asks for 4 or 5 fingers from time to time. We have some bigger toys as well.

  6. The other comments covered great things. My body has changed over the years (and I'm only 33!) Through medications, having surgeries and such due to being ill. I found looking in the mirror butt naked and picking one part i liked about myself, saying it aloud and concentrating on looking at that one part. Do that for long enough and you'll find you start to enjoy looking at all of you. In the meantime, I'm a big believer in fake it until you make it. I had an ileostomy (stoma) for a few years that was literally a bag of shit stuck to my stomach. So I just pretended it wasn't there. It was hard work, especially when it made noises or got in the way, but it really did help me realise that some men really couldn't care what our worries may be. They like to see us in our full naked glory, saggy, wobbly bits, bags of shite and all!


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