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  1. Had phimosis myself, steroid cream and stretching didn’t do anything for me. Ended up getting cut and I’m happier for it

  2. I feel like something is getting lost in this whole conversation. For me I rather my partner desire me enough that they want to, it's that level of desire that means more to me than the act itself. It would be completely unenjoyable for me if I learned my partner didn't like doing it and was doing it only out of a sense of obligation. Instant mood kill for me. My partner and I are very compatible and have been together for a very long time and I couldn't imagine not being with her, but she doesn't like giving blowjobs. She is constantly asking me if I want one and I'm always declining because I know she has issues with it, that she's only trying to force herself to “get used to” something that she wouldn't naturally do. That doesn't make me feel aroused. If she wanted to because she actually desired having her mouth and face down there and it made her feel the same way I do going down on her, then yes, that would be amazing to me, I wouldn't be able to get enough of it, but relationships are a multi-way street, and their feelings should always factor into your own feelings. If you're not empathizing with your partner you're not well connected, whatever it is you're doing or not doing with your mouths. Reddit is a horny crowd, but outside of this little, moist bubble, there are a LOT of people who don't like giving oral and have hangups. Women generally don't like performing the act but love receiving, a lot of men do love giving though, and men project this want onto their partner and feel it's a sign if their partner doesn't like it, rather than just a natural preference. It can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and even worse hangups.

  3. Lol, the representation! Thank you. I love the idea of “getting pregnant” when having sex, but my tubes are well tied and I couldn't be happier about it! Congratulations ❤️

  4. I'll second this. I have kinks that my partner is into, and I have fantasies I haven't acted on that she is not into may also be into. Such as a FFM threesome or her watching me with another woman. My biggest kink is turning my partner on. I genuinely have zero interest in pursuing those fantasies if it also didn't turn her on. Sexual exploration sounds fun, but it's not worth ruining my relationship over. I would still fantasize about those things, but I would not act on them until I was with a new partner that encouraged me to do it.

  5. Also avoid sex when you’re having those sensations, even if you wear a condom cause you don’t know what you have and you don’t know what you’re gonna pass the other person with. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  6. Ok. Foreplay is important. You might me mentally turned on, but your body has not caught up yet. You need some oral, and some soft slow gentle fingering first. And don’t hesitate to use real lube. Even if you feel you are already wet, if you know you have a tendency to tear, lube it up baby! And then, he might be too thick for you. Me personally, even with prep and lube, a dick that is too thick WILL tear me. So I just don’t even bother with those anymore. I also can’t have penetration last two long. The more friction there is, the more micro tears will form inside. A two pump chump or as close to that is what I’m looking for. You can learn your body, what it needs and it’s limits. And you can insist on getting what you need during sex. If your partner won’t accommodate your needs, then don’t have sex with that one.

  7. After all my ass eating, I’ve never gotten sick. A thorough was with a finger tip in for good measure is all you need. Try again, chances are that was a freak coincidence.

  8. Does it bother you if he does have that racial preference? I’m Indian and my gf has always said she loves brown guys, I happen to have the same preference for her ‘race’ too. For me it is nice feeling that love for my physical characteristics, but it just depends how it makes you feel. I’d sit with it and think whether that preference is something you love to feel from him, or whether it makes you uncomfortable. I have come to appreciate it personally (not that it’s right/wrong either way).

  9. Sometimes people lean into the thing that give them anxiety. It's a way of owning and controlling the things that bother you. I've done it in the past it was cathartic for me. Your millage may vary however.

  10. OR she did them because she felt no one else would want to be with her if she did. So doing it because you are afraid no one will want to be with you, and then planning on stopping is the definition of a bait and switch. Based on the information that we have, everything else you said about dick hygiene etc. Is just speculation by you. He asked her why, she responded that it was a bait and switch. Given how shitty it is to admit to a bait and switch, it does not make sense that she would like about it to hide a hygiene issue. She has not given him reason to believe it is anything other than what she told him. It sounds like they are communicating okay… He told her how he felt and asked for a root cause, she responded. If it's something else, then that means she lied to him. My reply to you was to point out the double standard to how Reddit responds to this issue. You tried to justify your double standard, I called you out that you're just BSing.

  11. Personally, I would have a much bigger problem with the fact that she lied about herself in order to lock you down in marriage than BJ themselves. She basically lied about herself in order to get you to marry her. It's dishonest and manipulative, whether you feign liking sexual acts your partner like, feigning having common hobbies, life goals, etc. I would have a very hard time to trust her again, she lied before to manipulate you, she can easily lie again. I guess first thing on the agenda would be to sit down with her and ask her what else did she lie about to get that wedding ring and to get to know the “real” her (instead of the person you thought you married)

  12. Do you think that is a direct product of porn? Or porn in the formative years of adolescence? Is it something more in tune with your current sexual engagements that aren’t satisfying? Now that you have stopped viewing porn has your sex life changed in any way?

  13. Hi, I’m a guy that prefers looser. It’s really a thing, though I’m sure we’re probably in the minority because it requires a certain amount (a lot) of security in yourself. The things I’m into demand it and it’s far easier to make a loose woman feel tighter than it is to make a tight woman looser. Now you’ve heard of it and have seen it supported by at least one.

  14. I can appreciate that and thanks for sharing. I think it's reasonable to look at your younger self and realize you were an idiot. That probably means you've learned some stuff. I don't have a grand point to make, it just kills me the amount of analysis people put to things that they don't have experience with and ends up judgemental towards other people. Happy for you. 🙂

  15. Yeah I have no idea what 'friends' would be doing even just watching porn together, let alone porn you are in. This is beyond boundaries.


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