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  1. I (F34) and my husband (M38) are pretty open about this stuff. About 5x a week for me. He’ll do it on the weekends, and we have sex pretty much every night. We also have four kids under age 6, so there is not a ton of opportunity for time to ourselves. Sometimes, we encourage each other to take extra long showers just to get a break!

  2. I don't think it's weird. I think it's normal. I have the same thing with most women who aren't 50+ years old. Mostly women I interact with personally like chashiers or whatever lol

  3. Your post has been automatically removed because it appears to be asking if some aspect of someone else's or your own sexuality or body is normal or not. We get a lot of questions here that are about really basic stuff that ought to be taught in schools but that unfortunately isn't. Variance is the norm in human sexuality. It's more meaningful to ask questions like: is this safe? Is this consensual? Is this mutually pleasurable? There are a lot of great resources for this, including scarleteen and go ask alice. You may also find relevant information with a search of /r/sex or in our FAQ. If you feel like your question is more complicated or will be a topic for thoughtful discussion, please message the moderators so that we can restore your post. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  4. I'm so sorry. (19m) that's not right. It's disgusting and my little sister (17) had this happen to her. I really wish I had the power to do something bigger. This shit breaks my heart. I came home to bleeding thighs and thoughts of suicide from my little best friend. She's become such an amazing person and risen above it. You're a super soldier.💯🤘🖤

  5. Spot on! But I’d like to also clarify on your last point.. Women who are on OnlyFans, are now realising that they can release some steam and get the hookup they need, all while making money. Like prostitution. They are essentially prostitutes now. Either that, or they’ll hookup with other OF male partners for “collaboration”. Killing two birds with one stone. So the opportunity of a genuinely simple “free” hookup (from dating apps like tinder, bumble.. etc.) is now taking a steep downturn. Whereas prostitution is going the opposite direction

  6. I've been there on the other side and it really wasn't making me horny when the only kind of intimacy my bf showed interest for was physical. I really just felt like a live in sex dispenser with a little domestic partnership or friendship sprinkled on top. Once we worked on our emotional intimacy, and physical intimacy outside of sex (ie not being obligated to follow through with PIV after any interaction that's remotely sexual – kiss or oral) and I told him how it made me feel that he was nagging me all the time for sex when I was feeling such a disconnect from him it slowly changed. But you can't really change things if she didn't talk to you about it, and if you tried to talk about it (which I assume you did before opting for divorce) with no rezult. Honestly there's nothing worse than having your man making everything about sex you really feel like they're in it for the wrong reasons and they see you as only that.

  7. Sex is in the mind. My GF used to get off from just penetration. And still does occasionally. But they’re small orgasms. Nothing like the leg shaking scream fests of clitoral orgasms. We usually do a combo of penetration and vibrator. The penis is just one tool in the box, and it’s not the most effective. It adds to the pleasure more than driving it.


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