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  1. Actually it is pathway for emotional connection for me as well, but it's not enough for me to have sex, I also need the non-sexual physical touch and conversations where we connect, you know what I mean? For context: My husband and I have a great sex life that we are both happy with. Sex daily unless I'm on my period. But he just told me today that these days he don't want to be touched a lot. Like if I come and hold my arms around him, sit on him, kiss him, all those things that I usually do, he don't want that atm, he wants to be more in his own space. This is just really hard for me, since it's one of my important basic needs to feel loved and connected to him. He says that there's nothing wrong, and I shouldn't worry – which is hard, but I accept that. I just don't know how to cope with not getting my need met basically.

  2. Maybe not “typical”… if done lightly and erotically, it is incredibly exciting (and preferred)… but more often than nit, it doesn’t happen… So maybe I would say, “biting your partners lips is not uncommon”…

  3. Kind of confused here as to why you’re still having sex with this man when it clearly displeases you so? If you don’t love him, he doesn’t pleasure you, he doesn’t fulfil you and you don’t see that changing, then I would leave personally. Otherwise your only option is to explain it to him, but he prepared for him to not want to put in the effort because that’s a possibility too. If he is like that then he doesn’t deserve you but it will still hurt most likely.

  4. Because she had already lost you… you broke up. What isn’t clicking??? You ended the relationship and by doing that she no longer had any loyalty to you. She was single and could do whatever she wanted. You don’t own her. Your mentality is so twisted 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. It just sounds odd to me, as far as I know (and I might be wrong) in cuckolding and cuckqueening your partner has to be informed in some way, no?

  6. Without mutual libido you're just room mates. It's not going to change, menopause is just around the corner. Better off alone or a new girl. You can keep loving your former room mate as a friend if that doesn't scare new girls away. You're in your prime brother, find a girl who is also in her prime ~ 27-30 years old.

  7. Yeah me and my male friends don't really discuss our sex lives at all, we're all in long-term relationships so I guess it's assumed? However when talking yo my friends who are women, they get super detailed, like borderline pornographic level of details lol. I also know that Fiancee discusses things with her friends too

  8. Ok, I sorta figured as much tbh, since you’re kinda new at it 😊 I just want you to know that’s completely & totally normal. I myself am not really able to achieve an orgasm during actual intercourse as my clitoris is a little higher up & my orgasms are clitoral in nature. (Not sure about other women) Intercourse still feels good but I can’t orgasm from just that. I require clitoral touching, licking, or as you said, a toy. This is very normal I assure you. Also, I had sex for probably a good three years before I ever had an orgasm at all with any partner and it was via oral. So, don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you need or just to give yourself time to even figure that out for yourself alright. You will get a lot better at all that with time. I’m 49 now so I’ve had A LOT of practice 😂 both with partners and alone, so yeah I just wanted you to know that this is normal. It can take a while to feel comfortable enough. Ok well good luck! 😊

  9. It is normal. There is nothing wrong with you. Penetration just doesn't do it for some women. For me it feels enjoyable, but it wont get me anywhere near an orgasm. You could try adding clit stimulation (either by fingers or a toy) to penetration and see if that makes any difference. But if it is just not for you that is ok too.

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  11. My sister in Christ, if a girl made me come in a towel that would be the last she ever saw of me. I wish you all the best.

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