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  1. I’ve always rubbed myself through my panties, I agree that it feels awkward skin to skin but only when it’s me. I enjoy it with a partner.

  2. Personally it doesn't go much deeper then (if it even goes this deep “I've been seeing this girl” (some variation of it anyhow) “Nice what's she like?” “She's cool her name's xyz. She's blonde. She works at abc” “She sounds awesome been getting some?” “Yep” “Cool. I order a new exhaust for the Camaro…”

  3. To start with don't listen to the condom trolls on here. You know your man and will be aware whether this is something you can force him to do or not. He ain't the only guy that feels like this I guarantee. I wasn't considering any constraints on the sperm freezing process, just letting you know its an available option that you may not be aware of.

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  5. For some reason you are hung up on only seeing a sex therapist which you can not afford. Sex phobia is an anxiety disorder that a licensed therapist can help you with. Often times CBT and medication may help. I understand you are working through various problems with your therapist but this is an important one that may actually play a role in some of the rest. Best of luck.

  6. Yep. My wife tends to try to treat UTIs non-medically when she can (i.e. really push water and cranberry) because UTI antibiotics screw up her vaginal flora, and she can pretty much guarantee a yeast infection. As such, she tries to be careful to avoid UTIs – a few minutes of play is probably not worth up to a week of pain, itching, discomfort. And this is the mild outcome.

  7. I trim my pubes with hair-cutting scissors. Gives lots of control,so less risk of cutting yourself. As for the sweatiness, take a quick shower before you fool around with someone. If you have foreskin make sure to clean under it.

  8. Is that all it is? I have handcuffs. But she said she’s never done that before. So I thought maybe she wants me to spit in her mouth and grab her throat or something lol

  9. I agree with you and I have had the FFM with him, for him ( I mean I wasn’t upset about it at all😉) but the MMF is a touchy conversation when you really just don’t know what he will think or do! I am treading lightly on this topic for sure. I definitely don’t want to hurt anyones feelings at all.

  10. I can agree to that, valid choice. Nice teamwork, I didn't think so much about the behavioural aspect in my post, good catch

  11. Man this women giving him head like there's no tomorrow and he has the audacity not to kiss her who the fuck does he think he is

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  13. Record yourself masturbating (audio or sort of a POV video thing, maybe attach a camera to a vibrator or something) and pretend it's another guy you're cheating with. Then play it back for him next time he's in the mood.

  14. I know but think about it this way. I know you think it will limit your dating pool but even if you didn’t have it would you want your dating pool containing such hateful, miserable people? This can be a great filter for that. So think of that as your silver lining, ok? ❤️ I wish you all the best!

  15. I mean there's a whole subreddit for it with 1000s of subscribers r/holdthemoan so it isn't that uncommon. Glad you guys enjoy it


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