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  1. Yeah, but it does depend on the person. From what OP said, it sounds like a libido problem to me. They probably want fast fixes though, and not to wait for their libido to go back up possibly

  2. This is the double-standard olympics. If the roles were reversed and you were a girl talking about how your BF was turning her down for sex but masturbating to porn 3x/week, people would be telling you that he's a porn addict and to break up with him. I don't necessarily agree with that, but I also don't agree that “oh, she's just stressed and masturbation is easier than sex” is a satisfactory explanation. We're making this all about her. What about YOUR needs…you deserve to have your needs met in a relationship. If she can't meet them, she needs to make an effort or you need to find someone who can. You're not asking for anything unreasonable. We need to move on to talking about why this is happening and figure out solutions. Is she depressed? Does she have coping mechanisms for stress? You have to do something besides talk and the status quo.

  3. If you're having sex, it should be fun! The whole point of sex, is fun! (Well there are other side effects, beware STDs and beware unwanted pregnancies and all that… men always wear a condom unless you're trying to get her pregnant, etc.)

  4. There are several things you can do. I gather from the comments you are both very inexperienced. One thing to keep in mind is that most women cannot cum from PiV or struggle to cum from PiV at all. So that will be an uphill battle regardless. First, what sexual positions have you tried? If you have only tried missionary and maybe doggie, that could be part of the problem. Look for other positions that push you deeper inside her and try different thrusting/grinding techniques. The corkscrew position is one I enjoy. She lays on her side, one leg straight down, one leg up knee bent. You straddle the leg that is straight and either grab her bent leg or she wraps it around your waist. You can enter her this way and it usually can it the g spot easily even when the man isn't very well endowed, and also allows you to grind against her clit since you are in a scissor like position. Cowgirl is another one where she can grind on you and feel more full that way. She can also put a vibrator between you and her so it is against her clit, and instead of bouncing up and down, grind back and forth so you hit either side of her vaginal walls with more force. This plus the vibrator feels very good and could potentially help her achieve orgasm. If she enjoys breast and nipple play, do that while she is grinding for Max pleasure. Adding in other things that feel good during PiV will increase the likelihood of orgasm. Kissing her neck. Talking dirty. Breast and nipple play. Adding a vibrator. If you are both willing, she can wear a butt plug during sex and she will feel more full/more friction while you are inside her. Just make sure the base of the butt plug is bigger than the plug itself. You could also look into double vaginal penetration. You plus a small thin dildo may be just what she needs to achieve orgasm. Just don't push past the point of pain if you go this route, and use lots of lube. Research yoni massage (pussy massage, erotic massage). Fingering techniques. The more you know about getting her aroused, the more likely orgasm will occur. Getting good at Oral sex also helps. Just keep in mind that more and harder aren't always the ways to go. Teasing and anticipation often can get someone more aroused than going harder and faster. And don't forget you matter in all this. Your needs and your arousal and your pleasure… all matters. Don't get lost pleasing her and forget to advocate for yourself. Good luck.

  5. Is he asexual ? Like he never wants sex with anyone ever Is he mad at you? Like a you oughta know grudge thing? Is he autistic? Like lacking understanding of how social interactions are supposed to go and unaware he is hurting you? Is he grossed out by you or his own body? With or without reason, is this solvable? Is he actually trying to say he is overwhelmed with how busy he is and missing sex but moreso in need of help with his to do? Is he banging a side chick? Is he super depressed and just hanging on? Are his needs getting met? Is he asking (poorly asking) for something he thinks you know he needs? Is he a mean person? Does he really just not care about you?


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