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  1. By protection you mean a condom? Then most likely you’re fine. No, condoms are not 100% full proof so it is possible but not likely. Sex can trigger early periods, and especially if it’s your 1st time it can mess up the ph balance of your vagina (hence the smell). The only real way to find out is taking a pregnancy test though

  2. Yeah ideally he should have discussed it first BUT at a very very minimum, he does it without asking and immediately gives her the opportunity to express if it’s a yes or no. Like shove her head down briefly and then let go and say “is that ok?”

  3. I'd say blue balls is real when you're actually having sex, then stop suddenly before he unloads. If you're just touching each other, he's just horny and using the term as manipulation. Just tell him to knock one out in the bathroom.

  4. Oral pleasure. Which, for me, would be heaven. The f I could have a ONS where I just ate your pussy, made you cum a few times, and got my cock sucked? Sign me up.

  5. Im a woman and I promise you, it’s not out of reach for you! Have you tried dating apps or meeting people at singles bars? 24 is still soooo young, you have so much life ahead don’t worry! Men typically have their best years in their early to mid 30s. One day a great gal is going to find her way to you and you will be so happy! 🤍

  6. If you're not ready for a kid, it's better to use condoms in addition to BC for better coverage. You can catch an STI through oral. A lot of people seem to forget about this.

  7. You said women aren't creatures… they are… All humans are creatures, all living organisms are creatures by definition 🙄

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  9. Communication is key. Tell him what you like and ask him what he likes. We can all answer you but we aren't your bf. My favorite thing is eating a women and other Redditors absolutely hate it. Experience/inexperience is not important. I've only ever been with women with a higher body count and it never was a problem. Whenever you have a new partner, it's always a new person to learn

  10. It was my way of getting you to realize how backwards that is. Sex is one of the most intimate, vulnerable things humans can do, so if you are already having sex with this person, talking about it with them should be even less so. If you can't talk about it, you probably should not be doing it.

  11. She doesn’t orgasm most of the time we have sex these days. And if she does she’s really quiet about it. I love giving her oral but one of the issues is she doesn’t want me giving it to her most times these days. And when i do she’s as quiet as a mouse until right when she cums. But I immediately have to stop and we have to do piv immediately after. She doesn’t want to make out. If I kiss or rub her body she just kinda sits there motionless. If I’m lucky she’ll moan a little. I don’t know what else to do. We used to be able to do all of that and then have sex and she would be really wet. Now she slaps some lube on me, and we stop just do missionary or doggy until I cum. She doesn’t want it any longer than that because she doesn’t like how the condom feels with cum in it.

  12. You're blatantly contradicting your first comment. So women are wrong for assuming all men could be rapists, but are simultaneously wrong for not protecting themselves by assuming all men could be rapists? It's not like most victims of sexual assault walked down a sketchy dark alley out of naivety. Most perpetrators of have previously gained the victims trust – which is why so often it's a partner, spouse, or family member. Being assaulted is not a lesson to be learned – “oh, now I know not to ever consent to sex with anyone because they might start hurting me”. The problem is the rapists, not the people who “dressed wrong” or “didn't fight back” or “didn't do enough” to avoid being raped!!

  13. Flirt, snuggle , whatever. If she is into you then it may naturally move that way. Just because she had sex with someone doesn't mean she wants to have sex with you. That's just wishful thinking

  14. It sounds like a lot of information is being omitted. Do you have a medical history of having a hormonal issue that impacts your mental and physical health? Is your partner suggesting you take this because they know it is something you need/ have needed in the past PER your doctors orders/ prescription? What hormone is being suggested for you to take ?

  15. I'm 10 years older than you and I still come back here every now and then to learn something. Make sure you start with the basics first though. Pretty sure there might be a couple of book suggestions here and there that can help you form a solid foundation.

  16. The ability to give a woman an orgasm has nothing to with weight lol. You can find a guy of a different body type that is the same way.

  17. one more huge tip.. if you get dirty at all, do not, I repeat, do not make any issue of it at all. Maybe have some wetwipes nearby and if you know you are dirty, when you are done, go to the bathroom, clean up and tell her how awesome she was and how incredible it felt. If you make her insecure in any way, you will ruin future opportunities.

  18. I was genuinely curious, but fuck me for asking I guess. You are right in that it isn't really my business though.

  19. Did you tell her it was porn? Regardless of how embarrassed, did you come forward and talk about it? If you want to keep that stuff private, did you tell her you want it private? Personally, I hated being lied to. Wanna watch it privately? Cool just tell me. Wanna keep open communication? Cool just tell me. I can see her leaving upsetly if you made her out to be a fool (i.e. uhh.. yeah… idk how that could've gotten there..)

  20. It sounds like he's tuned himself into sexless activities for now… I'm not necessarily seeing any red flags, he sounds true to his words this far from what you've described and there's some overthinking happening on your side. The comments here are just going to make you overthink things even more! Have you let him know you're high libido? Because if he doesn't know and it's a complete surprise for him once you're married then yeah, I'd say that could be setting yourselves up for incompatibility. If he's aware and still all good then I don't see anything wrong with his approach… I'm sure he takes care of his own needs in his own time, perhaps he masturbates before you both see each other?


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