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  1. By protection you mean a condom? Then most likely you’re fine. No, condoms are not 100% full proof so it is possible but not likely. Sex can trigger early periods, and especially if it’s your 1st time it can mess up the ph balance of your vagina (hence the smell). The only real way to find out is taking a pregnancy test though

  2. Yeah ideally he should have discussed it first BUT at a very very minimum, he does it without asking and immediately gives her the opportunity to express if it’s a yes or no. Like shove her head down briefly and then let go and say “is that ok?”

  3. I'd say blue balls is real when you're actually having sex, then stop suddenly before he unloads. If you're just touching each other, he's just horny and using the term as manipulation. Just tell him to knock one out in the bathroom.

  4. Oral pleasure. Which, for me, would be heaven. The f I could have a ONS where I just ate your pussy, made you cum a few times, and got my cock sucked? Sign me up.

  5. Im a woman and I promise you, it’s not out of reach for you! Have you tried dating apps or meeting people at singles bars? 24 is still soooo young, you have so much life ahead don’t worry! Men typically have their best years in their early to mid 30s. One day a great gal is going to find her way to you and you will be so happy! 🤍


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