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  1. One made specifically for pubic hair. The most important thing is to use an exfoliant to stop ingrown hairs. I use a dry body brush twice a day to exfoliate and stop ingrowns. And aloe Vera gel straight after shaving.

  2. Well the description would be just as “smart” as saying “Baker” or “Busdriver” Goddess… not really helping much, but I'm rambling

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  4. deepthroating is the worst. i like giving blowjobs to my partner but according to my own rules. if i enjoy it obviously i’m going to do a better job at it and he’ll get the happy results that follow, its just a basic logic. he’s being pretty selfish imo…..not a good sign for the future

  5. Why don't you like to go fast? Is it a feeling thing, or rythm? I figure it's personal what pace you like, but the best is a mix, if you start a little slow, tease a little and then pound so hard and fast like you're trying to come out the other side.

  6. You can have it all in a relationship. That’s the difference, don’t settle it will cause resentment. Been there myself.

  7. That is not what happened in this scenario she said no. She shouldn’t pout that she wished he would try without asking. She needs to express that she literally said no. That’s not a fun lighted game that’s called her sucking at communicating. You want the feeling of just being taken/dommed then communicate that.

  8. It’s a dealbreaker for me, currently with my partner at the beginning of our relationship I was always giving but over time I would get upset and complain about it to a point I was going to end the relationship but after he understood how seriously absurd it was that the giving and receiving between us was off in the bedroom he improved and now we equally give receive. It really just takes communication or you’re gonna start seeking someone else to fulfill those needs (maybe not) but you shouldn’t stick around if he can’t satisfy you in all aspects.

  9. it varies from person to person this needs to be the title of a more specific rule on this sub than “no low effort posts” so all “do all men/women…?” posts get removed

  10. I mean, she very well may have tmj. Maybe try blowing a banana yourself and see how it feels after a few min and factor in that her mouth is likely smaller than yours. I know for me, if a dude lasts longer than ten minutes, it's basically agonizing even with switching techniques and using my hands etc. There aren't many other times you'd have a large obtrusive object in your mouth that you have to perform a variety of different movements on while simultaneously trying to stop your teeth from scraping said object. That's not easy lol. If you have a shitty diet, that does have an impact on taste. Semen generally tastes kinda like bleach anyways but if you have a bad diet/smoke, that doesn't help. Less processed food/meat and more fruits dng veggies (pineapple especially) definitely can help. Bad hygiene also doesn't exactly make it terribly appealing either. I would just ask her for them more often and emphasize how you're really into them/you really appreciate her doing it. If she's genuinely giving bad blowjobs, you need to be gently giving pointers like “hey it feels really good when you do x.” Turning it into a comparison game is likely to get her to shut down you going down on her entirely and won't have the desired result you're looking for.

  11. Girl you are not lacking anything but confidence, and you can work on that. Small boobs are A-OK and as a straight man I'll say they are my personal preference. You're not less of a woman, nor are you less sexy or desirable or any of that stuff. Our bodies are all different. There is nothing wrong with yours just because you have small boobs! I promise you that.

  12. I didn’t make it past the flight attendant blow job. I love power exchange. I’m kinky. I love being face fucked and will tell my partner to hold my head down as they dump a cum load down my throat. This scene had no context. She was an employee. Did she want to give him a blow job, what level of agency did she have to say no? Did she enjoy it? I don’t know we didn’t see her face. It was bullshit.

  13. I'm surprised nobody's made a blowjob lubricant mouth gel. Nice and sloppy, and tastes like candy, or whatever you want.

  14. i feel it! my bf will stop moving when he’s “shooting” and i’ll feel the extra space the load takes up. i think it depends on the person tbh, but some of us definitely feel it haha