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  1. I've got nothing man no one wants to hear what I gotta say bug every dog has to eat or he's gonna leave the yard looking for food.

  2. I actually really love the taste of blood (in a non-edgy way) and rarely get to have it since it usually requires an injury to get any. So, eating out on her period if anything is actually a bonus to me. Get to eat out my partner, and also get to have that nice iron-y taste.

  3. I am very much the same, my partner of 16 years gives me oral i can not no matter what she does you are not the only one

  4. If you are scared, you are not ready. You are very young. I never wanted to have sex when I was 18. It didn't feel right and so I waited until I was ready. Wait until you are truly ready and you won't feel scared. Don't let anyone pressure you and don't trust people until they earn your trust.

  5. First of all, ghosting someone is cowardly and wrong. If you don't want to be with her anymore because she's not a great person, you need to tell her and be honest, in as kind a way as you can. Telling lies like you have no time, you are busy, that's really toxic and will really mess her up. Ghosting someone (or partially ghosting someone like you are doing) has a lot more consequences than you think. She's going to be left wondering why she isn't good enough for you…if you don't like the way she treats you you need to tell her that, kindly, because she probably has no idea.


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