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  1. Yeah this is so true. I feel like young people are really fucked, watching hardcore pornography at age 12 or whatever. It’s totally unrealistic shit (even I have trouble keeping it in perspective and I studied some psychology). It warps the brain. Anyway yeah don’t let people choke you. And I’ve always been the kind of man that jumps to attention to body worship and in every way pleasure my woman. Choking and cray stuff should definitely come later. I think a lot of people say their first time was special, but even more people have a pretty boring first time. You don’t really know what to do yet. Don’t feel bad about the BJ, sex isn’t supposed to make you feel bad. Sex can be good and is healthy when in perspective and not emulating hardcore pornography. Don’t become self conscious. He’s probably just being an average male stranger as you said, too lazy to care or call or whatever. This hurts but I seriously doubt it’s because he found you unattractive or was unsatisfied with a blowjob. I mean, a sorry blowjob is still an awesome fucking blowjob. He wouldn’t have had sex with you if he found you unattractive (i don’t really think this is very possible though some might argue). I kind of like the fumbling around in early-in-relationship sex. Try to keep it light. You need to be able to laugh at sex stuff and maintain a sense of comedy and joy about the whole thing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but that’s findable, too. Sex won’t always be boring. Just try again sometime. Or get into a real relationship and see if later relationship sex is more what you’re after, that’s usually pretty comfortable and usually focused on using skills and knowledge of each others bodies to create pleasure.

  2. Air can only get in there if you move a lot during it or you pull the toy out a few times. Do some stretching to get most of it out. To prevent it simply not pull out the toy during fun time and move around a bit less. Or you could get something else than a dildo.

  3. That's why I'm concerned, because I haven't even tried to take it deep (maybe 1-2 inches as I said, because father I start gagging). My jaw hurts just from opening my mouth so wide.

  4. Seriously: I don't understand how men get stereotyped into: “Fucks everything with long legs and a heartbeat,” but also women are so terrified of men's disgust with their bodies. We live in the world too. We see the whole range of female bodies. No mature, sexually active man is going to treat a healthy partner as anything less than a privilege.


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