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  1. Couples therapy my guy. Sounds like there might be some sexual repression or a labido issue. Either just communicating how important this is for you might help. Your wife doesn't seem to be erotic in any ways so working on that together might help.

  2. The clitoris is the anatomical equivalent of the penis. How would you feel about doing a sex act that involved your penis being completely ignored the entire time? You’d probably feel somewhat “meh” about it, exactly like your girlfriend has expressed feeling about PIV. While it’s understandable that you’d be surprised by this if you didn’t already know about the central importance of the clit to most vulva-havers’ sexuality, it’s something you need to know about and accept if you’re going to continue being sexually active with people who have that anatomy.

  3. Seems your just a tad oblivious….living together is a intimate thing. Whether romantic or not. You are in a way getting to know each other on a big level. Having to see each other everyday can make one mindful of their actions. And the sex jokes could be seen as a pass persay and may be making them uncomfortable. Then again i could be completely wrong…i think the best thing to do is let her read yhis post so she can see what you really think exactly.

  4. I don’t think men have to eat pussy to not be considered selfish. But with that being said, most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone. I don’t expect to be eaten out every time and I have really good sex with a few partners who don’t. The biggest thing is making sure she cums too.

  5. If you make it a daily routine to pull it a bit further than it goes normally, usually you’ll eventually be able to correct it. Don’t force it too far … I was able to correct mine when I was younger (about 8-10yo) and my father told me what to do. In a couple years I was completely normal and my wife would never imagine I had the condition. Surgery will correct it faster, but usually they will cut parts or all of the foreskin and you may or may not like it afterwards. My two cents!

  6. There's literally nothing wrong with that. I was super worried about my body when i started dating, but talking to my (now) gf, I learnt to accept that im a little overweight. To her side, she had a lot of problems with her thin legs, but I love them so much as it is, and she accepts herself way better now. What i am trying to say is: people are different and some will like things that you consider weird or bad (and there are no such things)

  7. I’ve always felt there’s something wrong with me. We’re taught that men always want sex 25/7… but I think as they age, they don’t. I would love a man who is so sexually driven but I’m not sure they exist? I was complaining on my post this morning about the effort I make and what I get back. You’ve nothing to be ashamed of.

  8. This may be an isolated case but my wife has TMJ and she says it actually helps it. Makes it hurt less? Idk why it would and it could just be her but I'm just sayin.

  9. I did this year's ago, completely changed my sex life. I could fuck for reeeaaaly long periods, it would get frustrating sometimes

  10. A lot of people enjoy caregiving dynamics like this to varying degrees in their relationships. There are even entire lifestyles built around it.


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