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  1. I mean….my husband does it every time we have sex and that's at least 5 times a week….I see no problem here

  2. Honestly the beginning of a relationship can be rough. Going from no sex (guessing) to a sexual relationship can result in short sex in the beginning. Could be one reason

  3. find a woman who will simple not one who wont. I cant be bothered with woman like this big teaser's who seem to get off by leading their partner along a path of nil sex. This is why men get prostate cancer, and woman are stupid. None of the woman in m yfamily are like this. Im with a way younger man and he's a busy guy so i never say no to him as our intimate time is limited due to his busy lifestyle and it was actually twice this week just gone and this is nice as sometimes hes just to busy and sleeps alot. I'm going to be honest here she is not in love with you and soe snot desire you. I've been their and been through this for 30 yrs and most of my adult life and im 54. M Iranian ex turned me into the mess i am today, over thinking, dont do well with stress, anxious and had a bad sex life with him for yrs in which I had to keep myself happy literally, neglected and humiliated by him and way to controlled in which i had no life at all, no money and no self esteem and nothing. you deserve better, cut her lose and go and find this or go on a dating app, their will be woman who will make you happy and no one needs this. My young man found me 6 yrs ago and made me whole again.

  4. If you eat ass then that mean the person trusts you and you got great sex chemistry. Otherwise keep looking

  5. we were just kissing and she spat in my mouth and told me how much of a slut I was which was really nice I'm sorry but this last edit is too much ๐Ÿ’€

  6. Honestly you could be dealing with a mental disorder. Could be a sign of some sort of anxiety or depression you are dealing with that can definitely play a hand in regards to your libido. I would seek a therapist or psychotherapist


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