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  1. Jw, why does that question need to be asked? Is it at all useful for us to find out if she had fun or had a good time? Plenty of STIs are asymptomatic. Your advice is inaccurate and weird.

  2. You don't have to put up with this, you will just resent him or will start developing a low self-esteem, you might think you are not worthy of being pleasured and loved in the way that you want and that centers your needs or you as a main receiver of attention and pleasure. He is getting his dick sucked all the time, doesn't care to reciprocate because he thinks pussies are disgusting? What is he doing with someone with a pussy then? He wants to use your pussy for his own pleasure, your pussy to him is a tool he can use to satisfy himself, he doesn't see you worthy of the same pleasure. Also saying “pussies are disgusting” is rooted in misogyny, like you are calling disgusting a whole body part of around half of the ppl on the planet, but it's not disgusting to you when you use it for your own benefit to f*ck. So sad that so many women have to put up with this. This is most often not about personal preferences, it's sexism, there's studies, data, reports about it. A lot of cis hetero men prioritize their pleasure and care little about their partners pleasure and needs (yes, not all and yes, women can do it as well but the trends and the direction of oral sex and orgasms gaps and pleasure or regret from sex are very clear and gendered).

  3. If you think positively you could say that you fucked a really hot guy. It takes two to have great sex so you’re probably not bad yourself. If you worked on your confidence then you might have a better shot. People can smell the puppy love attraction and it turns them off.

  4. She didn't “make you” do anything. You fucked her and cheated on your girlfriend. Your choice, only yours. This is your fault. You are the shitty, cheating boyfriend.


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