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  1. It says more about what an immature, insecure little shit he is to everyone he talks to than any of this says about you. Remember it's just his word against yours, and the way he is acting will likely make people skeptical he's being truthful – which he may not be. It looks more like he's bitter and trying to get revenge on you by spreading rumors. Not sure you have a legal case for slander (would have to prove he's sharing something untrue and extremely damaging about you). Sorry this is happening to you, I hope you have friends on your side who can help support you. He's being a complete asshole, no argument there.

  2. I did start using more lube after the few times that happened and it did help. I've heard differing views on water based vs silicone based lubes for anal. Which is better?

  3. Yeah I considered perhaps cus hes older maybe he has that sort of homophobic mentality or he has some sort of insecurity. I think it just comes down to immaturity too. And when I brought it up before, he basically in a roundabout way stated that he wouldnt want to kiss me after head so I doubt his feelings would change. Its just a difficult decision as its been 2 years together & we’ve had great moments and still do.

  4. I think it's something between you and your sexual partner. It's not something that should be considered independent of it. I'm in favor of mutual understanding and taking mutual risks together with both accepting the potential risks. It's a pretty generic idea but that's the recurring thing that messes up people is when two people aren't on the same page. So striving to be on the same page is my vote.

  5. Thanks for the insight. Also, some additional info: I found her on Facebook a few days after to try to clarify things. She said that when I asked her to cuddle, she thought were just going to cuddle and sleep. But that when I told her my intentions she thought “okay sure.” She said it was a one time thing and wanted to part ways. But she also said she wasn't attracted to me, and seemed confused why I made a move. That we just met and barely knew my name. We'd just met each other. The reason I feel still feel bad is that even though she said she thought “okay sure” it wasn't verbal. I just went ahead. I also don't know if she's minimizing her actual feelings, if this still affects her to this day. I don't know if I'm overthinking this.

  6. Dictionary definition of cuck yes. But only an idiot would use that definition nowadays. The porn definition is a guy that enjoys being humiliated by their spouse sleeping with other men. Generally with the idea they are better then them. That's not you. You may consider yourself in a hotwife (guy that enjoys his wife being with other guys) or hot girlfriend situation, but generally that's two straight dudes. Nothing says this can't be you. If you and your GF like what you are doing and you follow your own rules and try and be as safe as you can, enjoy.

  7. Do think you should have a discussion with her but would do it outside of the bedroom, otherwise she may feel undue pressure to “perform better”. Let her know what you really enjoy about sex with her. Ask her if she’s satisfied or are there things she would like to try (fantasies/kinks). Then transition into how you really like when she does BJ, ask if there is anything you can do to make her comfortable while doing them. Let her share her likes/dislikes (without judgment) to see if there are ways to proceed so both of you are happy.

  8. Go for it. Unless I got non-swimmers, I was cumming In my ex daily for almost 2 years. She was on birth control but I know for a fact she’d miss a pill here & there or something & luckily never any scares. But then again, that’s my experience. It wouldn’t hurt to have a plan b on hand though

  9. when used 100% perfectly, pills are 99% effective, but reality is its difficult to be 100%. so they're like 93-95% effective.

  10. You should have a pretty strong reasoning for watching porn while being in a relationship. You literally have a partner to take care of you. Either you have a higher libido than her and need to get yourself off somehow, or you're just plainly addicted to it and there's a hardwiring in your brain to get aroused by visuals. In any case, a better option will be to channel your sexual energy and start a new hobby/tv series etc that'll keep your mind busy.

  11. My bf is pretty packin and as long as we have sex frequently, then I’m not sore afterwards. If it’s been a couple of days or a week, then it takes me a little bit to readjust and I am sore the next day at least. I do think it’ll get better with time. Especially if the frequency increases. We’ve been together over 4 yrs and I will still have to adjust sometimes. It really wasn’t until we were having sex pretty frequently before I wasn’t sore afterwards every time. Lube and foreplay are awesome to get you loosened up some like everyone has said. Silicone lube is great, but it can’t be used with silicone toys. Sometimes not being “preheated” enough or fully relaxed will cause it. But again, you can only stretch so far. So if he’s just a little over your limit atm, you’ll be sore regardless. Especially since you said you have no issue during sex. I’ve been there too. My uterus and vagina canal went from “fuck yeah” to “I have made a terrible mistake” in a matter of mins. Getting a toy his size will help too. Best of luck! 🖤

  12. How is she not in the wrong? She used to give him a lot of BJs, and previous partners. But now that she “has him”, she’s not interested. Sounds to me like manipulation. She has her needs met so now she doesn’t give a damn about his. It’s selfish af.

  13. Get her to suck on a Fisherman's Friend before going down. I mean the lozenge, of course. They taste of aniseed and smell of menthol, and it's in your interest too as they bring a certain delightful minty tingle to proceedings. I actually thought the name was an innuendo for years, until I realised they were just meant for cold boat trips.

  14. This topic is discussed occasionally in our forum. If you search past r/sex posts with some diligence (following Forum Rule #3), you’ll find a number of helpful discussions. Post removed. The r/sex forum's HUGE archive of past posts is a tremendous resource for people who have all kinds of common questions regarding sexual activity. Searching those posts for relevant discussions will definitely help you here.

  15. Yeah, maybe “going above and beyond” would have been better phrasing. Never asked any of my partners to shower first.

  16. Yes and no. He's a good dude because there's some people that would take advantage of that vs. prioritizing your mental well being. Have to consider how he feels being engaged with like that. And have to consider how he feels about treating you in that way even if you are “okay” with it.


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