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  1. Have you maybe looked at different buttplugs? They're often short, but I'm not sure how eell the shape is going to work for vaginal penetration

  2. I can't stand it when people spend more time commenting on something they can't stand than just ignoring something

  3. Ok! You’re prob right. I just kinda wish I didn’t have to do that first. But maybe he just needs to practice more/more self control?

  4. You really need to consider whether you yourself are inherently disgusted by your uncommon genitals, or if you're only feeling this because of what others might think. It sounds like the later to me so I'd advise to learn to love yourself, but if this becomes a systematic issue in relationships you could consider surgery (once you're 18), don't let other people decide how you should feel about your body, and that includes people that tell you to just love it no matter what.

  5. Safe words, talk about boundaries before action. As some one in “control” you have to be in tune with them. As much as discussions and safe words are required you have to understand that if this is the first time for some one that they may not understand what they want or desire and if things happen they don't like you have to understand their body language and be able to react/stop. I always recommend that you add 1 new element to a sexual encounter, that way you know what has been ok before and you don't get lost in trying too many things at once. Also, life is long, can't do everything in one session…. have to keep the surprises and novelty on going.


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