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  1. You forgot to mention if you cum you are expected to immediately get a towel and clean them up. Not allowed to enjoy the orgasm and relax. I have experienced a lot of this. So much of what you talk about I empathize with. I feel like you are a little over the top with everything. But, it takes a lot of frustration to write what you did. This is why I prefer oral sex/ sex on my partner. Then I lay back and relax and get the same treatment. But most women in my experience do not want to that. They like to lay back and get pleasure. Then are not interested in returning the pleasure, after the first date. I have had partners that do…. But so often it become let me go down on you and do everything you want. And in return they open their legs. That isn’t all… but it is not zero either. Some women are worse then others. There is a inkling of truth in what you said. But relax…. Take a breath…. This was all said when you are worked up. Relax a bit. Come back to thinking on it when you aren’t pissed.

  2. He jacks off too much. He's on some sort of meds that inhibits ejaculation. He watches too much porn meaning it's harder to reach climax. He's too sedentary which can harm libido. None of these applies to me. I tried everything. Not watching porn at all (for a long duration of time), never masturbate… I go to gym regularly and I have the same problem as OP. I am already 28yo and none of my previous girlfriends, nor my current one could make me cum during sex. -__-

  3. As a woman who does the same,it may be because she is used to bigger inside of her. In the moment she could be wanting it deeper but she sounds very happy.if she tells you she is satisfied then beleive her.especially if she's happy without the piv orgasms. I only orgasm with men piv for sides 6 inches or up. 5 inches does not reach my spot so I can't orgasm.

  4. Tell her directly “when you said just to use a strap on this is how it made me feel.” Stress can murder a sex drive. Take some time to focus on you and what you can do to take time to relax and release some of this stress. This is coming from a wife whose husband has always had ED due to stress and mental health issues

  5. I thought most women I'd been with were “tight” until I hooked up with a couple who were noticeably tighter than all the others, to the point it was a whole new sensation sliding in. That made thise others feel “average” I suppose, but those ithers were the norm Inwas used too, so the couple that were noticeably tighter didn't change my expectation of how a woman SHOULD be, it just taught me that there are outliers to that norm. I also had some of the best sex of my life with a woman who was noticeably “looser”. It didn't make it any less pleasurable for me, it just made it different, again, from what I was used to. I loved being inside her. To be perfectly honest, she was “loose” enough that it wasn't uncommon for her to queef on occasion when I thrust into her, and I found that to feel incredibly good, and the sound actually was sexy to me as well. She was always embarrassed by it, which saddened me because it was something I only experienced with her and was a huge turn on for me. I think if you are finding certain men don't please you, for whatever reason, then by all means move on, but I also think if you find a partner willing to experiment and take the time to find other ways to get you off, you may find OIV isn't the gold standard you must measure by, and you gind mfind yourself very happy with a partner willing to learn how he could please you. All if the above stated, if anyone insults you or outs you down for it, then they certainly don't deserve the pleasure you're offering anyway.

  6. Perfect, thanks!! I think I'm gonna pick up uberlube and if its good, we'll stick to that, if not, we'll try lube life. 😀 Whatever she wants best

  7. It can feel dirty and bring up some weird emotions. He clearly enjoyed it. Definitely just talk to him about it in a non sexual setting. If he still doesn't want to talk about it, encourage him to open up when he's ready. It's kind of immasculating sometimes, he might be afraid that it will change the way you see him. Honestly, it could be a number of things. Either way, just be supportive and loving and let him know it's safe to talk to you when he's ready, don't pry too hard.

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  9. Sounds like she is already halfway out the door. It might be time to get a consultation with a divorce lawyer to protect yourself.

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