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  1. Absolutely. It's a weird one, my partner seems to get embarrassed to discuss sex outside of sexual situations… luckily we're on the same wavelength with most things. Obviously it becomes more of an issue when it comes to trying new things. Thanks for your response!

  2. Has first kid tho. No clue what it could possibly be, OP. Absolutely no idea what could possibly cause you to have lost your sex drive. None whatsoever. This is a mystery.

  3. Welcome to the horrors of “the first time” it will get better. Trust me. Almost every single guy is too nervous the first time

  4. If you aren’t turned on first, touching yourself will probably feel about as fun as a pap smear at the doctor’s office. First, find something you think is arousing. If you don’t want to leave books covered in half-naked people lying around your house, look into fanfiction or erotic podcasts online. Your library card might allow you to download sexy e-books onto a device that your parents can’t see. Or just imagine a sexy scene. Don’t try touching yourself until you’re already feeling an ache to be touched – that will guide you to the right place. What other commenters have said is correct – for most women most sexual pleasure comes from the clitoris, not inside the vagina. Start massaging your thighs and gradually work inward until you find a bump that feels good, and experiment with different ways to touch it. Don’t worry if you don’t figure out how to orgasm on the first try; it might take a little experimentation. As long as you are having fun, there’s no rush to meet any kind of goal. Instead of direct touch, some women like rubbing up against pillows, or the spray from a shower head.

  5. I mean you could always do it in the shower if being covered in a blood is something you’re concerned about. No one has to have period sex though and thats totally fine

  6. This is true, and she has tried this, though in my experience it's a bit awkward trying to stimulate the underside with just your mouth. That's why I was curious about the glans, since it seems like the simplest place to stimulate with your mouth/tongue. Unfortunately, it seems like there's nothing that can be done for the glans if this is the hand you were dealt. 🙁

  7. This. That would be like a guy asking a woman to wear a push-up bra anytime they go out in public because her boobs are too small.


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