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  1. Well, I'm one of those women who doesn't really enjoy being eaten out either. I'm much more into something that is mostly fingering, vibrator on clit and the occasional clit kissing, teasing, pulling and nibbling. But not like, dude's face in my cooch with nothing else for 20 minutes. I'm gonna just doze off. As far as sensation around the vagina goes, a finger/dick/toy feels much better than a tongue. To me receiving oral is just one part of sex, kind of like nipple play. That said… If I met a guy who had a hard boundary of no giving oral, ever… Sorry, that's just a no go. Sucking dick is hard work too. I still do it because I care about my partner and love to give him pleasure. You're absolutely welcome to have that boundary and I'll respect it, but we're just not going to be sexually compatible. I like adventurous, energetic men when it comes to bedroom activities and if you're already drawing a line at oral, I assume your ick-treshold is probably going to be pretty low.

  2. If it was your first time there is no sex routine for you two😋 Ever went to the race track the first day after you got your license? You sure were nervous but seeing your time in the end was pretty sad because you were so much slower then the others. Also the other overtaking you was a pretty bad feeling as well. Give it some time and love, the first few times aren't the perfect once but it will get better as you build up your foundation of knowledge. Sex is more than just sticking your dick in water and pretending you have fun, same for her. Keep exploring each other bodies and find out what gets the other person off

  3. Why wasn’t there lots of baby making from people locked in together though? Lots of married couples saw each other a ton more.


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