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  1. She's taken every reliable method off of the table. It sounds like you're going to need to stick with condoms.

  2. Maybe try with lube. It will happen, but it can only happen on her time. If she’s turned on before you actually do anything, there is a better chance of it going well. There isn’t a way to make it not hurt. If it’s unbearable then obviously don’t force it, but take it slowly and keep trying. It could be a medical issue, but that’s something to think about later

  3. This is 100% grooming, and it seems like he's getting ready to exploit you. He is beyond dangerous. He had almost certainly done this to others and will absolutely do it to someone else. Talk to the social worker at the hospital about the situation ASAP. You need help to pull away from this dynamic. I'm so sorry you are experiencing all of this. I hope this is a chance to find help so you can begin a journey into healing. You are so much more than your traumas. You are so much more than the things people try to take from you. You have value and deserve to experience the best in yourself and in others. Sending love.

  4. It wasn't ok for him to lie, but as consenting adults, age really is just a number. If you're compatible 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Refer to him as your good boy. Rub his chin every now and then and thank him for being helpful with a kiss. I think it’s another way of saying he likes the idea of being submissive? So try out anything that puts your in a dominating position. Or you can just sit down and talk to him about what exactly he likes about that kink.

  6. After coming off the pill her periods also stopped for like a year, but she's recently just started spotting a bit. This is concerning. Libido in women had a lot to do with our natural cycle and when estrogen is high, libido is usually high. The fact that's she's not having regular periods means she's not having this hormonal cycle. This needs attention if she's not seeing a gyno about it yet. I would say that's normal after coming off of depo but not the pill.

  7. there is a psychological reason people have the kinks they do, even if some reasons can be completely harmless. idk why people WOULDN'T be concerned about someone having literal racist fantasies. i think cnc partakers are much more complex. there are people that like it because they are able to reclaim sexual trauma they've had, people who like it because so much mainstream porn boarders on the non consenting fantasy so many mass porn consumers are conditioned to be turned on by such scenarios. being turned on by being racist seems a lot less… contextual imo.

  8. i don’t speak about it with him at all, that would just be mean it’s just that he knows my ex and everything so this is a bit awkward

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  10. shrug I mean, it's your relationship, and you know it better than I do. My own experience, though, tells me: most likely it'll work for a while and then fall apart. But, you know what? That's true of most relationships when you're 23. They work for a while and then fall apart.

  11. As much as it sucks, it's probably your best bet to part ways if it's something you can't get over. Him being bisexual shouldn't be a problem, it's the fact that he cheated on you. Why did he wait 5yrs to tell you? You should've known right away whether it was male or female. He could've been afraid to tell you he was bi if he was worried about you judging him, but that still gives him no excuse to cheat.

  12. Put down a towel if you know it's going to be that much of a mess … … or two or three towels all folded for multi-layered absorbency IF you want/need absolute, complete protection from puddles. Sheeeeshh! (that's a sound of the spray)

  13. It's just mother nature talking. We are genetically engineered to spread our seed. All animals are. It'll be alright! It's perfectly normal to feel that way lol.

  14. I feel most girls relate love and sex And for most men its more of a physical thing..like men would enjoy having sex with a stranger but its not a thing for most women until they feel comnected

  15. It’s not about men, it’s about the patriarchy. That’s a system created by men which benefits men even to this day. There are lots of prejudices and stereotypes which reinforce this system and a lot of it is unconscious bias and people are unaware they’re doing it. Other people are openly sexist because they like the way the system benefits them at the expense of others. It’s not that women are less sexist towards men, it’s that it’s not perpetuating any systemic oppression like misogynistic sexism does.

  16. She explicitly told him not to go fast/hard and he went back to it after a minute. That's clearly ignoring her lack of consent. And yes, not everyone ask for consent every single move but he covered her mouth which prevents from voicing her boundaries/lack of consent. You don't do that period without asking first period. Even BDSM people make sure to have safe word for the rough sessions and some other codes for when they use a gag.

  17. It absolutely is a female death-grip scenario. Possibly with some mental blocks as well. We'll give this a shot, when I'm ready to. Honestly the biggest issue for me is the breach of trust. I know she didn't mean to hurt me and she is embarrassed by it. Still sucks though.