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  1. You will better understand the specifics of what happened and more importantly, understand your motives in what happened.

  2. I don't have a tilted uterus myself, however as far as the vaginal canal, a tilted uterus affects the position of the cervix, it will tip forwards or backwards or sit lower, which I do have. Either way, if she is fully aroused, the cervix will lift to allow for penetration and it should not matter which way it tips or sits lower outside of sex (unless you're blessed with an extremely large sausig)

  3. Lots of men have a purple colour on their penis, that actually isn’t bruising…. Does it hurt to touch? Secondly never try to bleach your penis, thats a massive chemical burn waiting to happen. If you truly do have a bruise; it will go away in time. But id check with a doctor to be sure. May just be the natural pigmentation of your penis now that your older or something else.

  4. Whatever it is that's wrong with him. You are the one initiating conversation so why is he holding back? That's what you need to find out.

  5. yes. maybe i was expecting too much from me and thats why i felt awkward when i tried talking to him during sex.

  6. on my futon was where my buddy conceived my god-daughter – dude wont care. just tell him, he may surprise you with an air mattress 😉

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