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  1. You will better understand the specifics of what happened and more importantly, understand your motives in what happened.

  2. I don't have a tilted uterus myself, however as far as the vaginal canal, a tilted uterus affects the position of the cervix, it will tip forwards or backwards or sit lower, which I do have. Either way, if she is fully aroused, the cervix will lift to allow for penetration and it should not matter which way it tips or sits lower outside of sex (unless you're blessed with an extremely large sausig)

  3. Lots of men have a purple colour on their penis, that actually isn’t bruising…. Does it hurt to touch? Secondly never try to bleach your penis, thats a massive chemical burn waiting to happen. If you truly do have a bruise; it will go away in time. But id check with a doctor to be sure. May just be the natural pigmentation of your penis now that your older or something else.

  4. Whatever it is that's wrong with him. You are the one initiating conversation so why is he holding back? That's what you need to find out.

  5. yes. maybe i was expecting too much from me and thats why i felt awkward when i tried talking to him during sex.

  6. on my futon was where my buddy conceived my god-daughter – dude wont care. just tell him, he may surprise you with an air mattress 😉

  7. I had amazing sex in the front seat of a truck in rest areas. We marked states off the map that we fucked in. Made traveling a lot more exciting together. Don’t limit yourself to a bed.

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  9. Very very selfish bf. I always make sure the wifey comes first or make her finish when I am done. Talk to him because this is not the way how it works.

  10. This topic is discussed regularly in our forum. If you search past r/sex posts with some diligence (following Forum Rule #3), you’ll find a number of helpful discussions. Post removed. The r/sex forum's HUGE archive of past posts is a tremendous resource for people who have all kinds of common questions regarding sexual activity. Searching those posts for relevant discussions will definitely help you here.

  11. If you feel guilty in the meantime, since she might need time to feel safe, try to satisfy her physically with massages and kisses or cuddles or whatever she's into that's not about her lower parts at all. As a woman, it'd make me feel safer and would help with the whole opening up and trusting part. 3 months is still early, no panic.

  12. well he is adhd and certain touch really really affects him. like if I accidentally touch his nipple or stomach, or the flat of his feet, he flips the fuck out.

  13. Break up with her I don’t even need to read past the caption. A whole ass year…she isn’t into the sex. Find someone who’s not boring, and someone who actually finds you attractive.

  14. Well I can only think of a few things. Sex toys you say you can cum with, just add them into sex, both of you can enjoy that. There's also foreplay I'm not sure how much you two do, if any, but that can really help. Lastly all I can think of is watching porn together and specifically seeing if you two can find some fetishes that turn you on and you want to try out. ​ All three are really good choices. Your vagina isn't broken lol I promise, just some people have trouble getting where they need to go, I often don't orgasm when having sex with others unless we've been having sex for literal hours so I get it, but I can deal with myself and do in withing like 10-40 minutes usually. You just gotta see what works for you and if it works, use it, not just solo but in sex too.

  15. Why do you need to be hard? It can feel better I find, but i think that is because the erection tightens up certain muscles and enhances prostate and testicle stimulation. However frequently during anal I do go limp and it still feels amazing, different but still amazing. And sometimes when I play with myself (dildos) I am limp literally the entire time, but still have wild dry prostate orgasms. Otherwise do you spend adequate time exploring your prostate when you are alone alone and turning it into an erogenous zone? That could help to jazz up your receiving game, making you more aroused and more likely to be erect.

  16. Toys are great additions to any relationship, as others said don’t ever tell him about his size because there is absolutely nothing he can do about it, it’s just how he was made. That doesn’t mean you can suggest new toys to spice things up if you aren’t quite being satisfied. My husband is plenty big but we play with sleeves all the time for something new. He never has issues staying hard with a full sleeve on but does have to take it off to finish, we did just get one that has an opening for his head and he was able to finish with it on.

  17. Not to shame you but why are you dating a 27 year old in the first place? Its understandable that there is a power dynamic at play. Please do not continue if this doesnt stop and still freaks you out.

  18. A woman who has a mile long list of things she won't do but when asked what she likes and what turns her on so you can please her better all you get is a blank stare or, ” I don't know.”


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