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  1. No one has recommended a toy yet, so I'll do that! People seem to really like vibrations, but I personally prefer air-suction. Look for a friendly sex shop and talk to them about what you're interested in. Then just explore! Sex should be pleasure focused, not orgasm focused. And it's very normal to struggle with orgasming during sex. Just take it slow and advocate for what feels good to you!

  2. Highly recommend a lot of slow fore play to get her wet and aroused. I go down on my wife until she orgasms before entering her. I want her to have pleasure too as most women do not orgasm just from thrusting sex. Do not feel bad that she is unable to do so.

  3. My wife was having a problem like this with the lube we had. First thing I decided to try was a different brand. So far, that has seemed to help. I didn’t check the expiry date on the original bottle, but that very well may have been the issue.

  4. my husband is a boob guy, so I definitely understand haha. I love the feeling as well, so it’s a win win for us both. it’s funny though, because I usually really didn’t like the feeling with anyone else i’ve been with. I have a lot of sensory issues, & maybe it’s just bc i’m extra comfy w him idk haha

  5. Get a quality silicone based lube, like say Über, and GENTLY apply often to irritated skin. Most water based lubes have a variety ingredients that are irritants. Use a silicone lube as a base before using your regular lube. It will provide a barrier for that sensitive skin. Sliquid makes one that is a combo of silicone and water based called Silk. Might be worth a try.

  6. I am surprised at how many women are self conscious about their genitals. I have seen all kinds and never seen one I would call “ugly.” Honestly the term seems alien to even consider when describing female genitalia. I feel you should try to work on your dysmorphia but I don’t see sex in the dark as a bad thing. It helps refocus your senses. So certainly try it and maybe work on your body image issues.

  7. I will clarify what I wrote above because my comment regarding my thoughts about there likely being a fair bit of 'bro-science' was intended as my reflection upon the landscape (for want of a better word) of articles and media about sexual pleasure as a whole, and not intended to be a comment directed at your article. I now realise re-reading that it probably would be taken that way though, and I sincerely apologise. It was not my intent to inadvertently insult you, though I know my intent doesn't change that it must have come across that way and been hurtful and upsetting. I imagine it was extra irritating given all the work you've done bringing those references together in a coherent and understandable way – which was the exact reason I chose to link to your article in my comment. There's not a lot of articles available as comprehensive as yours that are still easy to find, understand and apply. I was not careful enough with my form of expression and how it could be read in different ways and to my horror I've inadvertently insulted your work, when in fact I really appreciate and value the positive change it brings. I'll edit and clarify my comment right now, but I could also delete it if you'd prefer? Would you be willing to let me know, please, if deleting my comment would be your preference?

  8. ugh. i couldn’t even read all his mess, how do you even interact with him and try to fuck him? leave him to his porn and find someone with priorities more in line with your own.

  9. He wanted to “make it up” to you… which shows he is aware and uncomfortable with the resentment you are feeling.

  10. This guy is a major fucking loser!!! Go and get with someone right now, who deserves it, appreciates it and treats you right. Leave the little man to his devices.

  11. Don’t tell your gf and don’t do anything about it. Just be more careful next time or maybe avoid it when they’re going to be trying to sleep. Put dampers under your bed for the noise maybe.

  12. Couldn't have said it any better. Just keep trying op you'll get the hang of it. Took me three tries to get it right. First time I couldn't keep an erection due to being nervous. Second time I came in 10 seconds. The third round went smoothly.

  13. That’s a forsure thing. I understand the argument they are cleaner than random hookups but I would definitely rather be safer

  14. I hate the aversion to high body count people, sleeping around doesn't make you less valuable as a person. However, lying is a massive red flag. I understand people are scared of being rejected, but if she honestly cared for the relationship she'd want to take the risk and be honest about her history with you. You do you, but I'd leave that relationship instantly just because of the lying and the comparisons.

  15. You’re overthinking it. And him not asking or pushing for sex is him being a good dude and giving you space.

  16. So…dude is grinding on you until he finishes in his pants? That's where we are here? Girl you know you deserve better than that.

  17. I hear you on this and would be in the same boat, super scared it could happen again and am I sexy still. So first remember he is fine, it was just poop and it happens. But next time, to reassure yourself, after your enema, maybe put in a good size butt plug or play with a toy. I find even after an enema if I do that, I get some residual poop out. Also if you really want to double down, eat only plant based protein the day before, high fiber, then do a protein load in the morning. Easier to clean and will come out as a single unit, generally. I know this is pretty detailed, but it's happened to me too and it is traumatizing. Getting past it together will help a lot!

  18. Lol my ex used to rub his beard in my vagina because he said I was too wet. But yea sometimes it can mess with the traction I've been told.

  19. I would say getting to know yourself and your motivations behind having casual sex is a good starting place and also dealing with your trauma. I’m someone who can very much enjoy casual, sex with casual partners and friends, but you have to be settled within yourself in order to do that. I’m times I’ve been distressed or internally overwhelmed I’ve found it harder to keep from wanting to attach to partners I wouldn’t actually be compatible with. You should certainly peruse more soft and enjoyable experiences like that one as your comfort allows. The most important thing is to know and trust yourself above all. It’s not easy to heal but it can be done. Good luck.

  20. Google around for independent reviews and you will either not find any, or you will more likely find no good evidence to support that it works. At best, it is probably a placebo effect.

  21. Just clean it up and move on. I know it's embarrassing, but any man worth being with will be understanding and not make a big deal of it.

  22. Thank you for the quality post. I was in OP's situation, did the research and discovered what you have. Also that prior to the mid 1970s herpes wasn't even classed as an STI. It was just this unpleasant sometimes consequence of having sex. But there's no money in that.

  23. Pay it forward. Next time you give oral do it for 30 seconds, say they taste great, and immediately stop.

  24. I had moved out my dads and into my mums very quickly because things weren’t good living with my dad. I was living on the floor of my mums living room and was looking for a place anyways, then he was splitting it living at his dads and then in his ex-girlfriends family home (in the same bed as her which I was not keen on) so it was just basically cheap rent for the both of us which we both needed quickly

  25. Hmm just to be clear, he is the one who isn’t looking for a relationship and want something casual. I thought I was on the same page as him but looking back I think I wasn’t sure and didn’t jump right in. I think he sensed that and laid it out for me again, that’s when I backed off and we stopped talking. Now I am really okay with it being just physical but not sure if he has lost interest completely after months.

  26. Make sure that you’re sexually active with someone you can completely trust. That way you know it’s a safe space to open up, talk about it with them, and just have fun with it. There’s no pressure. Stress and pressure ruins sex so fast, in my experience. Just be you. Be safe. Have fun. Let it come naturally.

  27. Well I'm speaking for myself only since I don't feel educated enough to make medical claims but want the readers to see another perspective to what he said.


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