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  1. Look, I've done it plently with the cat sleeping on my chest. Just to be clear, he didn't bring anything to the experience, he was just there and I worked around that. That cat was always on me one way or another, so at some point his presence just stopped registering and it's by clean-up time I would realize he was still there, because of course he was. If he was that bothered he would have left, and I was too lazy to kick him out. Everyone wins.

  2. You’ve used the phrase “use them sexually” which is not strictly someone who enjoys sex in a healthy manner. The symptoms you’re describing are likely due to manifestations of your BPD. It requires a lot of boundary setting, removal of trigger factors, or if these doesn’t work then pharmacologically dampen down the libido with SSRI or a GnRH agonist.

  3. I've actually seen a few posts like this, so you're definitely not alone! If they're not a vain jerk, they won't think twice about it!

  4. It sounds like you have had shifty partners/ you end up with a lot of tops. I would look for people who identify as subs/bottoms. Also you could go to munches. You are likely to find people there willing to talk to you about topping.

  5. No it's incredibly easy to get not only an STD from him, but I've even heard of men getting terrible UTIs from fecal matter stuck in the urethra.

  6. Plan B isn’t meant to be used as regular birth control. Why are you two not using condoms or another form of birth control? Have you talked about her desires for children?


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