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  1. yeah… so we've known each other for, like, 2 months? Relationship only officially started a few weeks ago, so I'll say that we aren't exactly *that* close. Was also his first time having sex, which might give you an idea of our respective ages. I'm “walking on eggshells” as I wanted to amend the situation in a manner that wouldn't leave a blow to his ego. I wouldn't tell a partner “you're objectively ugly, but I think you're beautiful” in the same sense that I wouldn't want to imply that there's something about their genitalia that – in a macro societal sense – is a negative, despite it not being an issue with me. I'm being realistic here, size is attached to one's sense of masculinity, having someone – especially a partner – bring up something you're already insecure about doesn't feel good. This was the point being made with the whole “I don't want to traumatise him” segment, I wasn't trying to work around talking as a whole, I just wanted to ensure that he doesn't feel unconfident after the discussion by tossing some sugar onto the words I say and approaching the topic with tact. It not like she is welcoming general public to the discussion, and I am surely hoping not intending to bring it up in front of other people. When I was young, my mom would constantly tell me I was fat and attempt to put me on diets – in fear for my health. Although her intent was good in that she was worried about my well being, her complete honesty in her attempts to convince me to eat more healthily only damaged my self esteem and bring me an eating disorder as well as obsessive tendencies when it comes to my appearance. She didn't involve the public; the public didn't have to be present for me to feel hurt. Sometimes it's okay to dodge around hurtful implications.

  2. Pre-cum can have sperm in it. There was a kid posting here the other day because he thought he'd by safe by “pulling out and wiping”, now he's about to be a dad!

  3. Naw. I have a mom bod. TONS of guys are into it. Women think men want an insta model. Most have a wide range of what they find attractive.

  4. This style is not for everyone, but what I do is “steering into the skid”: instead of fighting the problem I go along with it. If I were in your situation, and my boyfriend asked if his was the biggest, I would look thoughtful and say, “Well, maybe. There was Darryl. He was about your size. Jim and his brother Alvin, they might have been a little bigger. And their dad? Woah, he was huge. I called him ‘Seabiscuit’ and it wasn’t ’cause he ate oats, if you know what I mean. And that time at Homecoming, two or three of those guys were pretty big, but it was dark, so I couldn’t tell. Oh, wait, are we including anal? Because one time, behind the 7/Eleven…” At some point along, I would be unable to keep a straight face and just burst out laughing. “I am kidding! Jeez, don’t be such an idiot.” It may take a few times, but eventually he will take the hint.

  5. Some women just don't get as wet as others. It is pretty common to use lube for this reason. It is a myth that being turned on necessarily leads to lubrication. Please don't make your GF feel guilty or bad for producing less lubrication. Please don't feel like you're not sexy to her. This is completely normal. It is not her hymen. The hymen doesn't completely cover the entrance to the vagina. Your girlfriend menstruates, you girlfriend gets normal discharge. The vagina is never “sealed”

  6. It won't harm you physically, but keep in mind how it affects your life. If you notice that the thought of masturbation is getting in the way of daily tasks, you might want to slow it down. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with it. One thing I'll say though is to never let it become a coping mechanism or something you do when you're bored. The dopamine rush and instant gratification is addictive, and you'll lose interest in other activities that might be more rewarding in the end. So keep that in mind.

  7. I would accept date. Talk to her, explain that it is important for her to take care of herself. You can find some compromise. If you see it is not working talk to her and leave


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