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Don’t be afraid of my evil ex’s and come with me, I know that in subspace I will have a lot of fun with your big sledgehammer @ atgoal: Blowjob / ride dildo [260 tokens remaining]

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  1. Chiming in so you get the lesbian perspective. I have literally never seen a girl take off her shirt and gone “aww too small” like that’s not even a thought my brain has ever produced. But then when a woman takes her shirt off in front of me thoughts aren’t really happening it’s more like I can feel my heartbeat in my stomach and I… yeah. Literally lost my train of thought.

  2. I think it's not for everyone. My wife and I have always had sex in the shower. Since I'm a little shorter then her it works great.

  3. All this can be is a game. We aren't trained medical professionals, and even if we were, we don't have your medical records, we cannot examine you, cannot administer tests or read labs. You'll have to talk to a doctor.

  4. do you really think this is the place to do this? if you really wanted to ask this question innocently and not related to OP then go to a sub centered around asking lawyers legal questions. OP was not able to even stand up according to her rapist so if both were equally drunk then clearly no rape would have happened cause neither could have the strength or coordination to rape anyone. you seriously need to learn to read the room, insisting on this question here in this thread is gross and it really makes it look like you are trying to make a point about OPs situation in particular even though you keep insisting otherwise.

  5. Rules. You need rules beforehand that both of you agree to and then you need to stick to them. Some suggestions: Condom/no condom Pullouts or creampies Where can it happen If you're in public should you go to a different town Do either of you want to discuss what happened after the hall pass Etc


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