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  1. “Oh, those disgusting ex-girlfriend porno sites. I mean there's so many of them, though. Which one? Which one did he post them to?”

  2. It just seems like the wrong path to take in a conversation with a woman to bring up dick size. I mean if she brings it up, sure maybe make a joke about it. But you should be able to think of something much more interesting and engaging to talk about.

  3. I would like to say, regardless of what I may think of labelling this as SA or not, getting other opinions was an incredibly good idea. I mean the alternative could have been that this guy got arrested and charged, but possibly let go. That would have still followed him the rest of his life, while now after reading these comments I hope you can see that persistence does not equal criminality (unless it went further than you revealed).

  4. I wonder if these kind of men would also feel violated if we came over, gave him 3 sucks and 7 licks, grinded their face for 30 minutes then got up and left, leaving him with blueballs.. Oh.. And if he turned and said What about me? And I looked at him like, You didn't get off? There's gotta be something wrong with YOU. Just imagine..

  5. Girl you gotta learn how to sit in mindful awareness. It automatically teach your whole being to not run after addictions and reduces all cravings so that you can peacefully attend to your duties 🙂

  6. I think you're not finding a lot when you search because it is more of a kink than a fetish, and it might not even be accurately described as a kink because it is so common.

  7. Idk man. But you might want to dispose of the wet undies with haste. Everything *should* be fine, but dispose of the evidence.

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  9. Yeah I mean, I found it more weird than anything. And there’s things I could easily shame her back about, but I feel like – why take the low road also. There’s better out there.

  10. There are inherit risks with pull out even if done correctly. Moreover, you're relaying on a guy to time his climax, which is involuntary. You'll have to judge if this was intentional or a miscalculation and go from there. But emergency BC is in order.

  11. I think you might be talking about different things. Someone should definitely be able to control themselves in general, but pulling out requires control over ejaculation. That's a lot more difficult. There's still a reaction time. I wouldn't necessarily blame a 20-year-old for overestimating their ability to pull out in time. It all depends on the motivation and the reaction afterwards though. If it was intentional or the guy didn't even try, then you have a point.

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  13. Yes! I was having this conversation with a guy and he said cum doesn’t have a smell or taste. Cum has smell. It smells like cum. Like you said. There’s nothing to compare it to. There’s no underlying scents or other fragrance notes lol it all smells the same. Like cum. But, doesn’t all taste the same. And diet plays a big role. 100

  14. This may sound dramatic, but this is trauma just waiting to happen. Threesomes rarely are good for a relationship. They definitely can be- but both people have to be completely on the same page. Even then….. it often ends up causing insecurities or problems. Honey. There's so much better out there for you.

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  16. It's never a full erection, but I guess I do sort of still get it. I should restate, I can still get a partial erection, but it's always an inch or so off being fully erect.

  17. He’s sad because you don’t initiAte things. He doesn’t care for the suggestions you listed above. And he doesn’t know what he wants you to do. So asking him I guess is out of the question. Well, you’re not a mind reader. When he figures something out encourage him to bring it up with you. If you are certain kissing, touching, lingerie, and nudity doesn’t peak his interest then just jump on him and go to town. At this point what do you have to lose? Your next step would be toys or different positions or acts . Again that comes with communication. This isn’t on you. He has to speak up.


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