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shhh im not alone

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  1. I think she is referencing the orgasm gap, which is a thing that does say sex, on average, is easier and better for men. Obviously this has more to do with a variety of factors affecting womens pleasure from slut shaming to lack of knowledge (of both partners) to straight disregard from the male partner. There are multiple studies about it. That said, as a multiorgasmic woman with a hell of a great partner, I feel like women have the upper end of the experience since I basically experience catatonic/universe shaking kind of pleasure fairly often, while my male partner only got to experience that when we started pegging.

  2. Yes he says the doctor was amazing and made it better then ever. He believes it was because he yelled at the doctor when he only had one glove on thinking he was going to put it in me. But he was just getting ready, respect = according to my husband a new amazing right pussy.

  3. Nope, you sound like someone who is very self aware of their sexuality. No need to feel weird or different. You are having a normal fantasy that at some point you may want to act on or it just might be enough for you to fantasize about. Either way you are not a weirdo. Good luck!

  4. I would only be into it if I could go with to try stuff on, nothing is worse for self esteem then bad fitting lingerie

  5. To be honest the post is about me being anxious about yesterday. There were 4 layers of cloth my pyjamas,underwear, her leggings and underwear in between. The problem IS that after ejaculation I kept grinding forgetting that it would enable the semen to soak through and it did. The area a bit up and to the right to her vulva was very wet as a result.


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