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  2. speaking of, my bf tells me my B cups are big. idk if he wants to feed into my delusion but i tell him all the time i know they aren’t big and i like them this way.

  3. Warning: this is a cynical take. ​ If you're having conversations about how to “seduce” your 21 year old gf after 18 months of dating, you don't actually have the sexual compatibility for a good long-term relationship, or at least not one with a good sex life. As much as this sucks to hear — she's just not that into you. But she can't come to grips with this, or at least, she can't say it to you. Once she's actually being physically stimulated it's all fine, of course, because SEX and ORGASMS feel good — but when she's not already turned on, your presence or your actions don't make her want that. So she constructs a series of hoops for you to jump through, enabling her to not examine her own lack of desire — if she doesn't feel it, well, it must be your fault! You'll never do this, but I'd think long and hard about not committing to this for the rest of your life. Have you had other girlfriends, or is this your first serious relationship? I'm 40 and I've been through a lot. I've played the “you just have to seduce her” game before (twice) and let me tell you, it's a game with ever-changing rules that you'll never know that will wear you the fuck down, over years and years of slowly changing your sex life from something between two people who love each other, into something you have to create and maintain and push forward every time you want to engage in one of the most basic and satisfying human needs. I've also been with women who initiate sex and don't need to be “seduced” because they like me as much as I like them. And let me tell you… it's so so so much better. Given the imbalance between male and female horniness across the breadth of society, many people end up in your situation. And many people make it work, at least to some degree. So maybe you can to. But man — give this a few more years, and if it gets worse, not better — just keep in mind that you DON'T HAVE TO LIVE THIS WAY. A guy twice your age on reddit said so, so it must be true.

  4. Yes, using lube is the way to go. Use as little pressure as u can. Also using lube can have your body get used to the “wet” sensation and therefore pavlov ur dick into associating warm and wet with horny. I remember my ex’s death grip syndrome was cured by looser grip and plenty of lube. Contrary to some, I don’t think you need to go cold turkey or anything. Although I would try going without for a few days at least.

  5. It's not bad… just find a guy who's not gonna be with you just because you don't have anything to compare him with.

  6. My FWB said this to me during one of our sexual encounters. “I absolutely LOVE looking at your naked body.” That was so hot to hear.


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