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  1. You can ignore that app, unless you're taking OPKs it tracking your temperature, it's useless. I think since you aren't sure if you got semen in you, you should take plan B. Plan B works the best right before ovulation and you could still be in that window.

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  3. Even though many people already said it, I just want to emphasize that he is assaulting you by going in against your wishes. It is not acceptable, and this is not what a relationship should be like. Your partner is absolutely not supposed to treat you like that. This is not what love looks like.

  4. We do have a mutual agreement that we have to be intimate every other night, but that’s still leaving me dry lol

  5. A Christian upbringing isn't the culprit here, judgmental controlling parents are. Most comments here and your parents might say it's because of their religion that they shame you, but it's judgmental people that are the problem. Did Christianity make them judgmental or are they making excuses for their shitty behaviour? I think the latter. They are adults too and they choose to be this way, they choose to put their problems on their children and make you feel bad about thier problems. People use all kinds of rationales to justify shitty behaviour, I put the blame squarely on the parents. To OP, the guilt you feel will go away in time. Eventually we all need to separate from our parents and want for their approval. Right now it feels like a lot, but it will drive you to clear your own path in life. Yes, it's nice to have parents that have your back no matter what, but the reality is none of us have that in absolute sense. It's better to have a honest assessment of your parents limitations as role models, as people, as support system, than to be disappointed in them when they let you down. So go have some fun and look after yourself. There is a wholelotta joy to be had.

  6. I was brought up in purity culture and I waited until I was 19 to have sex and even then it was in a drunken haze and it tortured me for a long time. I'm still a Christian but my husband and I lived together and had two children before we got married. My mom wasn't too happy of course but eventually accepted it…..then basically pushed us into marriage lol….now we have our third. Anyways, Im always torn bc I have a preteen now and I just want to be open and honest with her about sex. If she has sex before marriage she's not going to hell but of course there are always risks. I do think sex has gotten better as we've gotten older and grown together. I do think it was created for husband and wife, awesome if you can do that but most of us can't hold out that long. That's something between you and God in your journey……you're parents will come along if they trust God like they preach.


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