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18 thoughts on “CATA-GOMEZnaked live sex chat

  1. Don’t do that if he’s young and inexperienced. He’ll just get frustrated. And you’ll have to lead the sex which is not what you want

  2. That’s the thing, we can have difficult conversations all the time. She’s able to express how she feels and what she wants, and even takes criticism well . But when it comes sex it’s completely different

  3. Same. Things can feel good, really good but I've never orgasmed from it despite a lot of trying from multiple partners. I'm honestly kinda jealous of the women who can, but then again theyre probably jealous of those who can orgasm from Piv.

  4. Honey, please reconsider having this threeway. You clearly aren't into it. Threeways are extremely messy even when all participants are eagerly on board. I can't imagine this going well for you if a) you have feelings for this guy and b) you are not at all interested in experimenting with another woman. Why would you be “okay with playing along” with something that has nothing in it for you? Sending mom-hugs your way.

  5. I like to let him grab my hips and control the movement to some degree… but obviously that gives you less control and that’s one of the things you enjoy about it. If your partner’s pelvis is large because he’s overweight, he could potentially lose some of that weight. In the meantime you can build up leg and core strength with exercise


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