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  1. He sounds like a jerk but just saying that doesn’t help you. Sex is a two way street – he needs to be a part of making it better and not just blaming you. If he isn’t happy he should be able to tell you what he wants from it. Also, Are you actually enjoying it? You need to tell him what you need. If he doesn’t listen then refer to point 1 – he’s a jerk Don’t get hung up on your size – that has absolutely nothing to do with how good or bad you are in bed.

  2. My husband and I are over 40 and we have a one year old, I would say 5-6 days a week we have sex. We don’t plan it because inevitably something happens we just do it when we can, mornings or nap time, or as soon as she’s asleep at night. Sometimes a promise brings pressure and then you get tired and some one gets left down.

  3. Might not be applicable, but for me I put a lot of effort into being good at sex and making it fun for my partner. However when I'm in a rough patch I feel like if I can't give it my all it won't be any good so I'd rather not do it all. Maybe say to him that you want to do this for him. Let him just relax like you're giving him a massage. That's what I'd want if I was struggling from some personal issue and didn't want to fuck

  4. Both your needs and his needs are valid. You have a lot on your plate but he wants to be a priority in your life. Sounds like you two just arent compatible.

  5. Do any of your friends treat you like this? Do random strangers treat you like this? These questions are rhetorical, because the answer is undoubtedly no. Why would it be ok for your partner to give you less respect than random strangers give each other? Being alone might seem scary, but it is wonderful to not be mocked, yelled at, or humiliated. At this point, it sounds like a potted plant would be better companionship than your partner.

  6. It's not tat it will hold resentment in get over time that concerns me. What's much worse is that more likely doing this over time will reinforce that it's her job to make sure he feels good all the time and that she's a bad girlfriend it end or a bad person if she fails in any way. What about how she feels every day? Who springs into action when she has a shit afrernoon? Is she asking herself that? Us her boyfriend?

  7. I can tell you that if it’s anything even close to her Mating in Captivity book, it will be spot on.

  8. If you start taking care of your pelvic floor and you continue to do so, that will lessen the odds that you will damage your pelvic floor during pregnancy and childbirth and postpartum recovery. Even if you do damage your pelvic floor, though, proper physical rehabilitation can fix most or even all of the damage.

  9. As a card carrying member of “Team Penis” I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the notion that there isn't enough simulation in missionary to stay hard. Going soft in my experience usually means: I'm just not that aroused, yes, it happens to men too and we need foreplay as much as you do. I'm dealing with anxiety, ADHD, stress at work, or some other thing that takes me out of the moment. Anxiety is where erections go to die. Something not in #2 pulled me out of the moment. Door bell, phone call, cat whining for food, can be anything, usually can get back into the moment before the boner is gone, but not always….. There are positions my partner really loves that do not give me a great amount of stimulation. If the above are not in play I do not have an issue remaining hard and being with her in the moment. Giving her pleasure and listening to her moans is its own reward, and heck, I can usually get myself there in these positions, it just takes a lot more work than my preferred ones. 🙂 I hope the “I know I'm not loose” comment didn't come from something he said to you. If it did, best case, you've got a partner with extremely unrealistic expectations, worst case, he's emotionally manipulating you. “Loose” is a misogynistic myth, I've had dozens of partners over the course of my life, and not once have I encountered “loose” or “tight” for that matter. In my experience, the vagina tends to accommodate itself to whatever is inside of it; it may be “tight” or “loose” briefly, after penetration, but within seconds it will accommodate to whatever you have inside of you. Penis, dildo, cucumber, gerbil, lol, it doesn't matter.


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